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New Build

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I dont post here much but I figured I would key my fellow BRD suffers in on my new build.

Roggio Arsenal Lower (dont know anything about them, but I will let you know if they are up to Par with my M&P's)
KNS GEN 2 Anti Rotational Pins
Troy OEM M4 Sling Adapter/End Plate
CMT Mil dia Receiver Extension
CMT Castle Nut
Magpul MOE Stock in FDE
Magpul MOE Grip in FDE
Magpul Enhanced trigger guard
JP 4.5lb Tactical Trigger
CMT H buffer
ISMI Action Spring

Stag M4 upper w/ Standard FSB, Perm attached SureFire MB556k Muzzle Brake, 1/9 ROT
CMT SA BCG&A (I properly staked the carrier key, added the correct extractor buffer, spring, and O ring)
LMT standard two piece round handguards (replaced the Oval Stag HG)
Tango Down Stubby VFG in FDE
Falcon Industries 2 inch accessory rail (to mount VFG to standard HG)
Millet DMS-1 1x4 Variable Optic
Larue Tactical LT-104 SPR M4 Mount

Once the Magpul back up sights are released I will be adding those, I will also be adding a FDE Blue Force Gear VCAS 2pt Sling, a Redi Mod (::BLUEFORCEGEARâ„¢::) And a Magpul B.A.D. and Magpul two piece handguards in FDE when they become available.

Also everything will be getting a FDE/Brown Camo job. I will try to post Pics when Im done (no camera)

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Definetly let me know how that Roggio works out for ya, because I have one in transit. :D I went to the Roggio's site and read up a bit, and it sounds like it should be solid.
JUNK. So far. The one I got none of my 30 or so mags woud drop free, It was a PITA to get any of my LPK in and function properly.

I called Roggio and they are overnighting me a box and shipping label so they can take a look at my LPK in conjunction with the lower. Once they have recieved it they are sending me a new lower (with my parts back) and a check for the transfer my dealer charged (I bought the lower out of state).

I will report back again when I get the new lower.

It's nice to hear that some mfg's still try to make good on their mistakes,there are too many that just don't give a sh*t anymore.
They are definitely trying to make good, and they were very receptive to my issue. Whether it was just all an act we will find out if/when they rectify the issue. I really do hope that this is just a fluke and is not a normal thing for them.

From some information that has been passed along if found out they are a very new company so, in my mind things like this are bound to happen early on. Nothing works perfect from day one.

Yesterday afternoon I got a call from Roggio about my lower. Well come to find out that the person that I have been in contact, is Ross Roggio the owner. He stated that after looking over my lower that the "back line was out a few mm" when it was machined. He transferred my LPK to the new lower and everything fit "perfectly".

Ross had said because the back line was "out" that in turn messed up the rest of the machining process for the lower, and that is why I had issues with the mag well, the mag catch and the safety selector.

Ross also stated that for my my troubles and being patient he included one of his upper receivers to go along with my new lower.

I am very pleased that they were able to fix my issue and impressed at the lengths they went to make sure I was a happy customer. Ross was nothing but polite and professional each and every time I dealt with him. In my book they get a great CS rating. After to talking to Ross, I found out that they are a very young company that has just recently been inserted into the AR market.

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