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Hey guys just recently finished my first on the AR platform and got to say I'm pretty happy with the way it came out. Had a hard time figuring out what I wanted to use and ended up with the following. Doublestar stripped upper, lower, and upper/lower parts kit, BCM auto BCG, rock river 1/9 twist barrel (got a special on it before all this madness started), rock river delta stock, magpul furniture, and a nice 10 inch specter rail from YHM to top It all off (cut down my FSB ((nerve wracking)).
I ran into one little hiccup however I was hoping someone could shed some light on it. Bought a 15$ charging handle from doublestar and went in the back yard to give it a field test and when I charged it I smelled something along the lines of cordite. So I broke it down and inspected my BCG and charging handle and sure enough it looked like someone had cut out a oval shaped chunk right out of the front of the handle.
Not wanting to waste another 15 bucks I got a steel replacement from BCM and 500 rounds later no problems.
Anyone have any idea why? Read that the BCG I got is manufactured a little heavier to put up with the more strenuous demands of full auto fire. Or is it that I just got a defect from Doublestar. (Great customer service btw. Messages em on Facebook and they set me up with a new handle free of charge).


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