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    Tryin to build my ar up internally. Seeing if anykme has opinions on a better buffer tube and trigger. Im all milspec night now. Thanks in advance
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  2. Sniper03

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    As far as a great trigger for a good price I would suggest the Rock River Arms 2 Stage National Match Trigger set. Shop around about $100.00! And if you want to even improve on that get the KNS Anti-Rotate Trigger and Hammer Pin Set ($28.00)
    As far as the stock. I would recommend that you buy the complete kit since there are dimensional differences in the tube diameter of the extension tube between the Mil-Spec and the Commercial Tubes and Stock Kits. One is no better than the other when it comes to quality as long as you buy from a reputable source. If you are speaking about for example a 6 Position Tactical Stock the commercial tube is around 1.70" in diameter and the Mil-Spec is around 1.46" in diameter. The actual threads in the Upper Receiver and on the Extension Tube are the same it is only the outside tube diameter. In addition the Commercial Extension Tube (Buffer Tube) has a 5 Degree Angle on the back of the Extension Tube and the Mil-Spec is 90 Degrees (Straight up and down!) But either way you can not mix match a Mil-Spec Extension Tube or Stock with a Commercial Extension Tube or Stock. Good luck on your project and looking forward to seeing some pictures and getting a range report!


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    What is the use of the rifle? That would determine my trigger suggestion.

    As for the buffer tube, I would overall agree with Sniper. There are a few other differences like a true mil spec buffer tube is forged and most commercial are machined. The angle differences are not always present as well. Really a buffer tube in my opinion is one thing that someone shouldn't obsess over.

    I believe that the commercial buffer tubes have more butt stock availability than the mil spec, but this of coarse will vary from one manufacturer to the next. Find a stock you like and match the tube to the stock.
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    I would definitely go with a quality milspec receiver extension and BCM does theirs right. I'd upgrade to a heavier buffer too, depending on your upper. PSA has good deals if you watch for them. Anyway, any good carbine stock I can think of off the cuff is available in milspec diameter.