New Bolt Action?

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  1. BlindGoldfish

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    I apologize if this topic has been discussed ad nauseam.

    I am wondering if someone can point me in the direction of the best bolt-action (both mag fed and single shot) rifle that can accommodate a scope in the $600-$1000 price range.

    I have been primarily a pistol person, but want to get long range into sport shooting (I don't hunt either if that matters). I don't want a "military" style rifle (AR/M1A), but do like the black/synthetic stock look/feel. I'm thinking .308, and want to be accurate up to 600+ yards.

    Also looking for suggestions for a scope to accompany it for an additional $400-$600.

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  2. BlindGoldfish

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    I should add...

    I also do have a Remington .22 with a scope that I can cluster 10 rounds within .75 inch at 50 yards with. So I've got the basics of rifle shooting. But most of my experience is with pistols.
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  3. stalkingbear

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    You can't go wrong with a Remington 700,Savage 10/11/12, or a Howa. Stay away from the Remington models 710/770.
  4. Jake15

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    Remington 700 would be my choice, but I'm old school, a weatherby vanguard, tikka t3 or howa 1500 are all great rifles that you can find for a pretty low price. 308 a great choice but I would get a 300 win mag or a 338 win mag for ranges past about 800 or 900 yards, but that's just my opinion.
  5. BlindGoldfish

    BlindGoldfish New Member

    Thanks for the feedback so far.

    Looking at the savage 10fcp-k in the .308. Reviews seem to be pretty positive. Any suggestions for a scope?
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  6. mrm14

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    If your looking for a custom built long range target rifle try this guy out. He builds real solid accurate rifles.
    From time to time he has a rifle or two already built for sale and they are usually in .308 Win.

    Spartan Precision Rifles

    Edit: Ooooops! I didn't see your price range in your original post.....Sorry:eek:

    Remington 700's are like the small block Chevy of bolt guns. More aftermarket parts and pieces to customize them are made for them than almost any other bolt action rifle out there.
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  7. Gatoragn

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    Bolt Gun

    Browning either the newer X-bolt or the A-bolt are both great hunting rifles.

    I like the shorter bolt rotation on these.
  8. estrack2

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    A ruger M77 mk II is a very nice rifle to shoot. Mauser action,very smooth.Mine is chambered in 22 PPC, and shoots very accurately out to 300 Yds (with a smooth pull ;) and id imagine it would do the same with a larger round. Maye have some trigger work done like me?

    A weaver 6x24 is very nice, also a leupold or Nikon, or, if your looking to get real fancy (and expensive) a high magnification swarovski
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