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Discussion in 'Other Weapons' started by hillbilly68, Nov 27, 2009.

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    Got a new knife a while back, from its performance so far I can highly recommend it.

    It is a RAT RC-5 SERE. Couple of observations from a my position, take it or leave it. I dont know the difference between the number xx40 steel and the xx40.5 steel, a hollow edge from a lawn edger, a ...well you get the picture. But I do know what does and doesnt work. It is a sharpened lawn mower blade, so no issues with tip failure or ability to do heavy work/ chopping. It is actually a bit too heavy for a 5in blade to carry on a first line. But it is worth it as a back-up or a second heavier knife in a BOB if you carry a folder. Im going to go with the RC-4 in kydex as my first line based on the RC-5 experience. I dont think you could go wrong with any true RAT cutlery (not the Ontario name buy). JD might even like 'em (BTW thanks for talking me outta the Strider many months ago brother). Price is pretty good too, under 100 for the RC-4. Update those Christmas wish lists guys. :D
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    If you going to make your own knives I would suggest you get one of Smokey Mountain Knife Works catalogs. They have lots of knife designs that you may want to copy. They also have tools to use in making knives. And there is another company that sells all the parts and tools you need to make a knife including blanks for grips. I believe their name is Jarvis. If you are interested I will look it up for you. I have one of their catalogs around the shop somewhere.
    One more tip, the old solid hard rubber bowling balls that are no longer allowed in the bowling alleys make great knife handles and I have even used them to make pistol grips. You can find them at garage sales and pick them up for a dollar or two. Lots of colors and the all black ones have a lot of usable material in them. You can slab them and make some 1911 grips that look like ebony.
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    Here's a link for those who don't know the knife: RAT Cutlery Co.

    Congratulations on a great purchase. I've been using RAT knives for a while and love them. My favourite is the RAT 3 in D2, small and light enough to be carried constantly yet big enough to tackle 99% of the knife chores I'm faced with. And it's not one of those sharpened pry bars that so many companies are producing now.
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    That is a good knife there hillbilly. I like the RAT stuff. Good steel and not real expensive. An excellent choice.

    And best of all, it's not a Strider. ;)
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    Love me some RATs as well.