New Black Panther Leader Arrested in NYC w/Illegal Gun

Discussion in 'Firearms in the Media' started by MattShlock, Jun 23, 2013.

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  1. MattShlock

    MattShlock New Member

    You may remember this guy...

    He was the New Black Panther leader with a "Kill Whitey" tattoo on his face who stood at the polls in Philadelphia in 2009 with some buddies wearing a paramilitary uniform and carrying a nightstick. This article says no one complained but it was actually a Kennedy family member who called the police and said there was voter intimidation going on. You may also recall that Eric Holder would not prosecute him.

    In NYC he was seen in Harlem early in the morning wearing an obvious, oversized, bullet-proof vest and suspicious police searched and arrested him. The defense attorney said there was no probablt cause to search him so the illegal, loaded, gun is non-admissable.

    Whaddya think? "Time served" in Bloomberg's slice of heaven after the news dies down!?
  2. Jagermeister

    Jagermeister New Member

    Who the hell is Whitey? Must be a bad dude...I would hate to be I get it!:eek:

  3. c3shooter

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    Please read at the head of this topic where is specifies in caps POSITIVE STORIES ABOUT FIREARMS.
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