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    I am trying to squeeze the most accuracy i can from my windham mforgery. I have replaced the trigger with an SSA-E, and free floated the chrome lined barrel. With hand loads (22.5 grains benchmark and hornady 55 grain soft points) the best I can get is about 1 moa, and I average 1.5 moa. I am thinking of replacing the barrel with an 18" stainless RRA. If I were to spend the $300 on a new barrel, how much of an improvement would I get?
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    Most 55, well all 55 grain bullets are pretty crappy. Try loading with 69 or 75 grain sierra matchkings. Most of my rifles really like the 69grain smk.

    The reason 55's are pretty crappy is they are made cheaply and the jackets are far far far from uniform in thickness. If your getting 1-1.5 with 55's you prolly already have a decent barrel. You just need higher quality bullets
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    What's your barrel twist rate?
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    Have you tried adjusting powder charge slightly? How meticulous are the handloads? Are all the cases trimmed weighed and sorted by brand and weight. Do you hand trickle the powder for the last grain + of powder charge weight? Do you sort your projectiles by weight? What kind of crimp are you using? What kind of sights?

    It can get really nit picky if you are trying to wring the absolute best accuracy out of a barrel.

    That being said, the RRA match barrels I've shot and seen better shooters than me shoot, are definitely capable of sub MOA groups with the right factory loads or right, and carefully prepared handloads.
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    Twist rate and chrome lining are two big factors on accuracy. Chrome lining is great for maintenance and barrel life, but not accuracy.

    55 gr bullets seem to really like the 1x9 twist rate. If your barrel is 1x7, it will favor the 68-75 gr bullets. The most accurate 55g load I've found for my 1x7 chrome lined is 55g vmax with 24.7gr H335 and magnum primer.(be sure to start low and work up) that said, 75 gr bullets have been the most accurate.

    I do believe the RRA 18" barrel will make a noticeable improvement over a chrome lined barrel. You'll get more velocity(shoot flatter) and the 1x8 twist will handle a wide variety of bullet weights well. You will be giving up maneuverability though as your gun will be much more front heavy.