New Background Check Law Will Make IL Safe

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by alsaqr, Aug 19, 2013.

  1. alsaqr

    alsaqr Well-Known Member Supporter

    Yep, thanks to their anti-gun governator, IL residents will be subject to mandatory background checks when they buy a gun from a private citizen. Surely the criminals who voted for Quinn and Rahm Baby will abide by this law. Yep, this feel good crap will make Chicago "safe. :D
  2. Mason609

    Mason609 Active Member

    As soon as a politician utters the words "common sense laws" when talking about firearms, it's a given they have no clue what they are talking about.

    Why won't the rest of the voters wake up and get their heads out of their collective hind quarters?

  3. primer1

    primer1 Well-Known Member Supporter

    I look to see something like this on a federal level, probably in two years or so.
  4. mountainman13

    mountainman13 New Member

    How many guns have you seen with a criminal history?
    If you answered none, it is because It's the people not the gun.
  5. opaww

    opaww New Member

    I feel safer already, OH wait I don't live in a anti-gun combat zone like Chitcago.
  6. winds-of-change

    winds-of-change The Balota's Staff Member

    Because they believe it'll keep us safe, too.

    I went to a get together Saturday night. It's a group of us who get together regularly to play board games. This past time it was also a going away party for one of the couples who go to "game night". They are moving to Georgia. I had to listen to them tease me all evening about the gun laws in the state they are moving to. :(
  7. purehavoc

    purehavoc New Member

    Because the voters that they are getting have absolutely no idea who they are voting for, all they know is they get a free gift card of their choice for voting for them . Thanks for your vote :confused:
  8. Mouser

    Mouser Active Member

    Absolutely correct...if it is fair, be sure it will be unfair. If it is reformed, be sure it will need reforming, if it is "smart", but sure it will be the dumbest thing you ever have seen.

    To be a politician and to make your living from the votes of the community ensures that you must dupe the electorate into believing they will be better off by electing said person. It is my opinion that elected officials are actually actors. Not on the big screen per say, but they are acting, not showing you their real personality and motivations.....just using their best snake-oil salesmanship to sell you something you are sure not to often entails lying.

    Any competent businessman or woman could make our country better than it is today. I know I could. Business people tend to be good, not look good (think Billy Crystal)...politicians focus on looking good...(you look marvelous! SNL). All image, no substance.

    Politicians mostly know diddley squat about running an enterprise. The smart ones, who are actually focused on making the country a better place surround themselves with people smarter than themselves and let them run the business side.

    The radical politicians surround themselves with like minded people and work on getting reelected and maintaining power. Our current President is an actor and a great orator. People wonder why he is still campaigning and traveling the country and some read into it some great intellectual feat of distancing himself from scandals and such....not it...the real reason he is campaigning is because that is the only thing he is good at and he is very good at it...make no mistake about it! He is just doing what he does...and he is incompetent on things related to security and budgets and has drunk deeply the kool-aide of socialism.

    Politicians say citizens need to be engaged and interested in the country's business.....we really need to be watching our backs and piggy banks. Most of us are too busy just living and can give a rat's arse about what politicians do...and the actors in Washington take advantage of it slowly turning up the heat of the water.

    People will just be people and change will occur when the pain of maintaining the status quo is greater than the pain of changing....never take away the pain! Our government has been buying votes and taking away the pain of their crappy decisions by virtue of printing money, running up huge deficits and rolling out various social programs designed to hide the true state of affairs. Our two party system and institutional corruption has put us in a place where the normal checks and balances no longer work...not sure where we go from here but I hope Americans start looking for candidates that don't "fit" the stereotype of a common politician. A gross generalization...politicians are not smart, but they are cunning.

    The reality cops always get their man....eventually.
  9. JimRau

    JimRau Well-Known Member Supporter

    This is another of those unenforceable laws which will get 'honest' people in trouble and have no effect on the criminals!!!:mad:
    Just remember, the progressives know what is best for 'us'!!:rolleyes:

    Their mind set is:
    "We are better than you therefore we know what is best for you"!:(
  10. spottedpony

    spottedpony New Member

    Remember folks, Illinois is the crookedest state in the union. Not only have a couple of governers been tossed into the lockup, but 2 or 3 chicago mayors as well with Blagovidich (or how ever its spelled) being the latest for trying to sell obozo's senate seat. Sooooooooo i guess the king crook comes from the crookedest state also.

    Now what really pi$$es me off with any law that potentially affects all of the american public, obamacare, all the proposed "gun control" issues, or any other you can name, If they affect us as American citizens those bills should be brought to a public vote. IF we are smart enough to supposedly put the best politicians in office we should be smart enough to decide whats best for us as a public entity.
  11. JimRau

    JimRau Well-Known Member Supporter

    Where did our current administration get it's start??? Where does Barry call home????
  12. Daoust_Nat

    Daoust_Nat Well-Known Member Supporter

    Well, if you live in Illinois this will definitely make you safer, because along with this background check the gang bangers are going to have to go through for their private transfers, they are all going to stop the shooting before it starts, and move to an alley. They will reconvene in the alley, and open fire on each other, thus protecting the rest of the citizens. This will make our boy Rahm happy, and you safer.

    Repeat after me; Progressives are always right, Progressives are alway right.
  13. manta

    manta Well-Known Member Supporter

    I suppose if you have no criminal record or nothing to hide it would not be an issue.
  14. JWagner

    JWagner New Member

    For me, it would be an issue. A private sale can take place at any time or place the buyer and seller agree on. With mandatory background checks I would need to make the deal happen at a licensed dealer where and when they are open for business and would have to pay them for the transfer. And that is only if they want to take the time to do it.
  15. texaswoodworker

    texaswoodworker New Member

    The same could be said of Registration. History has shown that registration WILL lead to confiscation. (you should know this because it happened in the UK too). Background checks are the first step towards registration, and only targets law abiding citizens.
  16. Txhillbilly

    Txhillbilly Active Member

    There are very simple ways to get around this.
    I just sold an old rifle stock with a bunch of scrap iron attached to it for that price,officer. I didn't sell anyone a firearm,it was just an old wooden gun stock.

    There are always loopholes around any stupid law that the liberals come up with. You just have to be creative in the way you do it.
  17. KJG67

    KJG67 New Member

    Yep. People have conceal carried in Illinois for years if you interpret the container law the right way.
  18. JoFu

    JoFu New Member

    "New Background checks will keep IL safe"

    Question: Safe from what??

    A. Tornadoes
    B. Wedgies
    C. runaway locomotives
    D. Freedom

    Bet none of you know the correct answer :p
  19. Mason609

    Mason609 Active Member

    E. LACs.

    Or D. Could be that, too.
  20. robocop10mm

    robocop10mm Lifetime Supporting Member Lifetime Supporter

    Part of their lie is backgound checks do nothing to "track" guns. Background checks are simply a check on the seller to see if he is elligible to purchase a firearm. The information gleaned is not saved (beyond 48 hours) and does nothing to aid in the tracking of a firearm.

    The serial number of the firearm is not transmitted to the NICS people nor is the brand or caliber, just whether it is a handgun, long gun or other. AT can trace a firearm to the first dealer it was shipped to and the first purchaser of said firearm. Beyond that, it is wide open.

    Of course they know this. The next step is to get back atop the soap box and proclaim the law did nothing, now we need registration to track further down the food chain.

    Always remember; Gun control isn't about guns...It is about control.