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    my wife and i went scope looking today. after viewing several burris,nikon, and leupold. the one we wanted at first was a burris. but after chatting with my buddy and realizing some discount related info. we decided to drive home empty handed. we wanted to discuss it a little. well, long story short, my wife didnt want me to feel left out so on the way home she says well, i'll get the leupold vxr, and you should get the nikon p223... seemed like a fair deal to me. so i let my "guy" know. and he will be ordering them this week. i'll be getting a great deal!

    not sure i should tell you the price :cool:.. pays to have some one on the inside

    anyone have any good or bad comments on these 2 scopes?
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  2. Gatoragn

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    Never owned a Leupold I did not like and trust. No experience with Nikon.

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    I had a Nikon Monarch BDC...closest I can get to what you have. It had the interchangeable turrets, and BDC. I sold it to buy a FFP mil dot, that was supposed to be a good sob. I wish I had the Nikon back. It was a very good scope.

    I'd buy a 223 in a heartbeat. Especially if I got a sweetheart deal.
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    Leupold and Nikon are very similar in quality. IMHO, the Nikon lenses are just a tiny bit "brighter," but the difference is minimal.
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    I was looking at an optic for my Smith and Wesson M&P 15OR and was looking hard at the EoTec. I'm more of a long shooter so the EoTec seemed a bit pricey for me I looked at the Nikon P223 series scopes but it seems they sold out everywhere. I just happened to be wondering through our local BassPro and they had one left on display. I checked out both models and settled for the carbine model Since it was the last one they didn't have the rings that were to come free with the scope so they gave me a rain check for the free ring set when they come in. I ordered the rings from OpticsPlanet and they were shipped within 24 hours. I should have them this week so I can get sterted sighting it in.
    I already have several Nikon products and you can't beat their glass or warrantee. They are not made in the USA like the Loopies which slowed me down a bit. I believe in buying USA made everything but thats getting harder and harder to find.