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Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by humboldtshooter, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. humboldtshooter

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    Just bought an Aero precision lower and am doing research on barrels and what not. My question is what is the benifit of havin the piston operated system (excuse the ignorance) or the standard recoil operated system. Any info is appreciated!!
  2. Jpyle

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    AR is not a recoil operated design, it is a direct gas impingement system and that is the source of the major knock against it by those that favor the gas piston system.

    The venting of hot gases from the barrel back into the receiver can lead to fouling, carbon build-up and heat fatigue of the metal parts. The piston design captures the gases and vents them away from the chamber and receiver areas.

    On the negative side, gas piston platforms are heavier and may give up accuracy as they have a tendency to drift due to the mass of the piston shifting the center of gravity on each shot.

    On a side note how do you like the Aero lower? I recently picked up an AR-10 lower by them and am impressed by the machining and finish.

  3. Quentin

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    Most of us don't need a piston AR so don't let anyone convince you that you must have one. Normally a piston AR doesn't offer any advantages unless you go with a short barrel (say less than 14.5"). And the short barrel offsets the extra muzzle weight of a piston as well.
  4. humboldtshooter

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    Okay, thanks for the info. I didn't want to spend a few xtra 100's if I didn't need to. Ad for the aero, I live in cali so I'm waiting my 10 days, but the man I bought it from seemed very pleased with it. I'll have more info on my preference around the 6th. It felt great tho.
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    Fellow Kommiefornian!

    My first upper was a piston. Shot about 500 rounds out of it, sold it, don't miss it. Well.............

    Since then all my upprs have been. DIs. Its smoother, lighter cheaper and inherently more accurate.

    The piston system is not bad, but I personally prefer a gasser. I really wouldn't recommend a piston unless you were planning on storming the beaches of Normandie etc etc. A DI is reliable if you maintain it, even if it is just lubing the bcg.

    The only time I miss my piston is when I clean my ARs.
  6. JonM

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    the only benefit of a piston over dgi (direct gas impingment) is under sustained fully automatic fire. so if you have a NFA registered m16 your going to employ in a squad automatic weapon role and run thousands of rounds of ammo at a time by way of 100 round beta mags there is no reason to decrease accuracy and increase weight and amount of parts to break.