New acquisition, AMT Lightning Pistol

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    I recently came into possession of an AMT Lightning pistol. There seems to be very little in the way of information out there about it. It seems to be a Ruger MK2 knockoff. (Wikipedia states that it prompted a lawsuit) Anyway, it has an excellent trigger and shoots nicely.
    It came in the original box with one magazine. I was wondering if there was anyone who had additional info about them. I would really love some PDFs of the supporting documentation.
    Also, will Ruger MK2 magazines work in these things? Or for that matter, MK3, I have one of those already, but I understand that there were changes made with the MK3 that might preclude their use.

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    The AMT Lightning pistol was made from 1984-87, in Standard and Bullseye models...
    10-shot mags, and barrel sizes available were 5", 6.5", 8.5", & 10".
    Millet Adjustable Sights...Checkered Pachmeyr Rubber grips and stainless finish.

    There was also a 16 & 1/2" barrel with shoulder stock conversion kit...some folks just liked the really long barrel...

    Comparison pic...

    Bullseye edition...note the Charles Bronson Wildey rail

    Sad thing, they were more precise than the Ruger models they copied...probably why Ruger sue'd '
    Hope that helps a little...
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