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    I just picked up a new barrel for my Remington 870.The one I had on it was a CYL 18.5" bead sight,the new barrel is identical but it's 20" with rifle sights.I have made ma mind up that this will be good for hunting them' deer when them' deer get in round 25-40 yards like they always doo-12ga slug-knock the snot out of them.

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    That is a d--- good barrel I have two of them. One on my personal shotgun and the one that I carried 27 years on the agency and was given it 0n my duty shotgun at retirement. It is extremely accurate with the Remington Slugger round. It will hit clay targets at 50 yards all day. Has a little drop but not much and is "ACCURATE" Also I have never shot Brenneke Slugs but they are also BA Rounds for deer. You might try a few of them out of yours besides the Remington Sluggers.


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    I grew up in south of you in the Great Lake State. For hunting deer, a shotgun was the only allowed firearm (below M66 or something like that?). It is a very effective tool for clean, safe, and humane harvesting of whitetails.

    The new guns and ammo are leaps and bounds over what we almost 30 years ago. Far more accurate at much more 'huntable' ranges. Grab some ammo samples and test that barrel. Don't be afraid to shoot it out to 100 yards.