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    i picked it up at the gun show saturday. the only one i saw there. i had been bidding one on gunbroker, and kept getting outbid, so i said F it and quit bidding, went to the show, and came across this beauty.

    a Baby Eagle .40 i love. i couldnt be happier. well, i could be, bc i went and shot yesterday, and made a little scratch on the slide where the gun ran across the button on my jean pocket. i was pissed. it does have a little wear, nothing horrible. im bettin it was produced in the 90s because it still has the IMI and not the IWI and its also imported by Magnum Research saying Desert Eagle Pistol.

    the gun feels and shoots excellent. and i have stubby fat hands. went and shot 100 rounds flawlessly the other day. nice 2-3 inch groupings at 15 ft. with regular ol Rem JHP 180gr. the trigger is soo smooth and light. the gun has some weight to it, but i love it. it feels nice. the recoil isnt anything i expected. it was very nice and fun to shoot. in fact, it was soo fun, i forgot about ear plugs and after 100 rounds, i couldnt hear for a day and a half. id get another one if i came across one. only paid $380 for this bad boy. havent even really cleaned it yet, just wiped out the barrel, around the ejector and firing pin area. its awsome.

    im now lookin to get a 1000 rounds or so, but half fmj half jhp. looked on and theres some good prices imo. eventually i wanna get into reloading so i dont always have to buy ammo. and nothing serious reloading, just able to reload/reuse my own casings after the initial ammo purchase. i dont shoot too much, just enough to feel the power and have some fun.

    i still need a holster for it and some mags. only came with 1 mag. 10 round. ive seen alot of 12 round mags, but dont know if theyd stick out or not. im guessing they would. not a problem for range shootin, but not a good idea for carry. id be happy with 2 more 10s and 3 12s.

    any advice, comments, or snide remarks would be greatly appreciated :D

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    "Hog Call Cheer for that Baby Eagle .40"

    Woooooooooo, Pig ! Sooie!
    Woooooooooo, Pig ! Sooie!
    Woooooooooo, Pig ! Sooie!
    Razorbacks!! :D :D


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    I had one before and it was a great shooter! Woooooooooooooo Pig sooie....Wooooooooooooooo Pig sooie......Woooooooooooooo pig sooie RAZORBACKS!!
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    Very nice. Those are made in Israel, right?
  6. TheDaggle

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    HA! I wish I could make fun of that, but I did the same thing about a month ago :eek::rolleyes:.

    Congrats on your new baby, I hope you enjoy it!
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    thanks guys. much appreciated Hog call! Whooo Pig!

    yep bigblue, made in Israel, with Italian tangafolio(sp?) parts. from everything ive read, a copy of the CZ75.

    i think my favorite part about this gun is the inframe slide, and the hair trigger when cocked.
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    Had one several years ago and wish I could find a deal like yours. Awesome gun and mine just felt good all around.
  9. Viking

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    Good for you. I handled a Baby Eagle .40 just before I bought my XDm, it felt very good in my hand, I liked the weight. I might have bought one later but they hadn't had any in for quite a while, I ended up getting my Steoger Cougar .40 which has been a great weapon.
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    A good friend of mine had one for a while and it was a great shooter. He ended up giving it to his Dad a while back. Man, I didn't do any good my last gun show. I did get some mags and ammo for my AR though. My wife actually looked at a few pistols. She shoots my stuff but has never shown interest in one of her own. Until that show. Now she is looking everywhere at pistols. I'm so proud. I will get her infected yet!:D

    You will like that pistol. It's a goodn'
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    great wife DJ, shes a keeper!

    it seems like theres a gun show around here once a month. im savin up for the next one on the 25. ill be lookin for anything that catches the eye, or anything i can get a deal on.