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Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by Rampco88, Nov 10, 2010.

  1. Rampco88

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    Gonna pull the trigger and get a new 19 this week. I love my 19 Gen 2 w/ the Robar grip reduction as a CCW but want something to shoot more. Also, I'm gonna transition the new gun as my primary weapon for work and retire the other one as strictly an off duty/back up weapon. There is a large LE supplier a few my miles from my home so finding one in stock with Trijicon NS's the way I want it will not be an issue. I'm seriously leaning toward a Gen 3 because I carry IWB while off-duty and heard a lot of people compalining about the new grip design on the Gen 4 being too abrasive. ie; Irratating their skin and wearing through their clothes. Another part of me is saying to go with the new design of the Gen 4 just because I trust Glock making improvements. I recently held a 19 Gen 4 and it felt nice in my hand. But if it really is uncomfortable to carry IWB?? That will me a major drawback for me.

    I had a 17 Gen 3 for several years and recently sold it to a guy at work so I am familar with that design and like it a lot. So unless something really gives while i'm at the gun store.. Most likely a Gen 3 w/ Trijicon's. What do you guys think?
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    IMHO the grip design of the Gen-4 really isn't all that bad. With the shorten length of pull and the semi aggressive texturing this makes the Gen-4 very desirable.

    The RTF-2 or Rough Textured Finish was way too aggressive for my liking and there was many complaints from LEO that the texturing was hard on their uniforms.

    At any rate, the 19 is a fine choice, good luck.

  3. sbrenner

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    What I want from Glock...

    I want a Generation 4 Gun!

    I want a 34 or 17 upper!

    Then a 19 lower!

    That would be the best for me for CCW!

    I would put on the (-) connector, .25 cent trigger job and

    TFO night sights.

    Then a good Raven Ghost holster.

    That would work just fine for me an old 70+ guy! :eek::eek::eek:
  4. M14sRock

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    The frame of the 19 is not interchangeable with a 17 or 34 top end. You could always cut down a 17 or 34 grip to the height of a 19, though.