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    Picked up a new 10/22 I bought one a week ago and loved it so had to get another it has a bull barrel and bipod what kinda scope should I put in it? I'm going to keep my first one iron sights and everything stock bc it's already a tack driver but the new one I want to shoot 50 times and have one hole in the target lol but what would be the best scope for me??

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    Heres several that you can look over. Also not sure there a best unless it cost to darn much to justify.
    This is the scope I have a on a savage BV and my 10/22 custom. Great scope from BSA and for a solid price.

    My wife has a scope from wally world that has been rock solid on here 10/22 custom for a basement price for sevral years.

    Both the BSA and centerpoint though very different work well . My wife does not shoot much over 50 yards and i do shoot to and over 100 yards . But a 8-32 Sightron S-III would be the cats rear but cost ???. Lots of guys use the meuller at the rimfirecentral forum
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    Buy a good rail. If you are thinking about going over 150 yds, buy a 20 MOA mount. You can still shoot 50 yds with this set-up.
    I use all kinds of scopes on my rim-fire rifles. Vortex, Sight Mark, & a few others. I don't go overboard on price for these rifles, but a NightForce or U.S. Optics really isn't overkill, but not exactly necessary for a rim-fire. I tried my NightForce scope on my Savage MKII TR & while it preformed very well, I decided it needs to stay on my .308.
    I read a review on this scope nikko stirling targetmaster 6-24x 56mm this evening, & i'm thinking about ordering one tomorrow.
    WalMart sells those Center Point scopes and thew preform pretty good.
    Good luck in your .22 shooting. You will have a lotof fun & learn many things without spending a lot of money.