Neos Educational Guide and complete Action job guide - by hexidismal

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by hexidismal, Dec 8, 2007.

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    Hello all. I have just completed work on an educational and Action Job guide for the Beretta Neos pistol with a lot of pictures. I did this because there wasn't much information going around. I would have put this in the gunsmithing sub-forum, BUT this is much more than just a tuning guide. I tried to make it educational for everyone, including people who don't own a Neos. Because of the relative simplicity of the gun I thought it would be optimal to give people sort of an introduction to a how and why the gun works, and how to make it work much better. The action job section brings the gun from a 5.6 to 6 pounds trigger down to a 1.6 pound trigger with no creep and a super crisp release.

    Some suggestions have already been made on other forums (including the one to post this here on this forum). I welcome any further suggestions. Plans for future revisions and a separately downloadable .pdf file are in the works.

    Making this guide took a lot of time, and I hope you like it. Please check it out, and leave me any questions or comments here. Thanks -JT
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    Very cool. This is one of my favorite pistols released for a long time. Although i have to ask, what's your take on the multiple sizes of the barrel? Personally I think the 4 1/2 in. is both stylish and effective. (lol)

    Anyway, thanks for this.


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    Outstanding and very well put together there Hex. Thanks for posting it. You covered all the points and explained the action customizations very well, including very detailed photos with the accompanying steps, as well. Again thank you and very well done. Please swing by the Introductions thread and tell a little about yourself and your other firearm interests so the other forum members can get to know you. Look forward to more of your posts. :)

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    Nice I bookemarked that one. You have the EXACT same set us as me. This is going in the pile of gun related projects I am building up. Right now I need to finish a Mossberg rebuild and a reblue of a Rem m30 express.
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    Nice work hex,, I enjoy my Neo and got a 4 incher for the wife,, she bought the blue panel grips for hers,, very accurate and so far after abot 4000 rounds, still very reliable. They are just kinda ugly to me tho', but great plinkers and a good trail gun.