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@Jaysonlamar - Welcome to the site. Please wander over to the Introductions section and tell us a bit about yourself. You will also want to familiarize yourself with this thread (it has good information on the site): So yer new here, huh?

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Just before they were discontinued I bought a Carbine Kit from buds for $237.00 with tax and shipping,,,
This was in December of 2012.

I honestly don't know the going price for one,,,
But I can't go to the range with mine without turning down someone's offer.

I know that I could sell just the "kit" pieces tomorrow for $250.00,,,
That's a standing offer from a range buddy at my club.

I have a standing offer for $550.00 for the complete Carbine,,,
That's with the 6" pistol barrel and pistol grip as well.

Recently (within the last year) I saw a used kit with the box and accessories go for $300.00 on Gunbroker.

Hope this helps.


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