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    The history of the .41 caliber handguns has created a century of doubts. The early Colt SAA in .41 caliber was a failure. The .41 rim fire pocket pistols were considered the choice of loose women and slick gamblers.
    In the early 1960s their was an attempt to revive the .41 caliber as a police weapon. Remington and S&W introduced the S&W Mdl. 58 and the .41 Magnum. It was too heavy and too much recoil for police work. They introduced a .41 reduced power load. It was not nearly as efficient as the 125 gr. bullet in the .357. It has had limited marketing success among the hunters and outdoorsman. It seems owners of the .41 continue to compare it to the popular .44 caliber handguns. The question than becomes why not just own the .44 Magnum/.44 Spec.?:confused:
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    How are you doing, Bear? How is Sam?