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  1. Tyrsgodi

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    I have a carbine length NEF .22 Hornet, andam curious about its 100 yard accuracy potential. Anyone with some experience, there? Also the other end, NEF .44 Mag? Basically, how much work should I expect for practical 1 or 2 inch groups?
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  2. Dallas53

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    what little i know of the rifles in rifle cartridges, they seem to be kind of hit or miss. some people claim to get pretty decent accuracy and some say they do good if they hit the side of a barn!

    the 22 Hornet in a decent bolt action rifle is pretty accurate cartridge for varminting and has been used effectively for shorter ranged varmint hunting for decades. got a new lease on life by them taking it and necking it down to a 17 caliber and coming up with the 17 Hornet. one that interests me quite a bit.

    several years ago, i wanted to get another rifle in 45-70, and H&R offers a break-action single shot in that cartridge called the Buffalo Hunter. and it seemed pretty nice for the price. but the more i researched it, it probably would have given me the accuracy i would expect, so i passed on it for now. maybe at a later date i might have to try one out just to see though. and the H&R rifle are very similar to the NEF rifles.

    just my two cents worth! :)

  3. jigs-n-fixture

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    The NEF had a good reputation, and the Hornet was designed as a varmint round so I would expect sub moa, from that barrel.

    The 44mag was designed as a pistol cartridge, but was known for its long range accuracy. So again, I’d expect to be able shoot at least close to moa.
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  4. Tyrsgodi

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    Thanks. I'm hoping the very solid lock-up of the breech loaders gives even better than bolt action accuracy. Nutria is my main target for the Hornet, once I get a good boat for that. But a heavy .44 bullet would be good for deer with a 150 yard zero!
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  5. Tyrsgodi

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    I believe NEF is the new incarnation of H&R, no?
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  6. phideaux

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    Dallas , 'm a big H&R fan,
    and its actually the "Buffalo Classic" and the 2 that I have, in 45-70 will shoot MOA @100 yards with the right loads.
    H&R was taken over by New England Firearearms./, now ,along with Marlin , is owned by Remington. 45-70 family - Copy - Copy.jpg 100_5985 (2).JPG

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  7. 303tom

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    I have several , and I find them all to be fairly accurate !...............
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  8. hiwall

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    I had one of the H&R models in 22 hornet. Accuracy was awful. I did a fair amount of work to try and improve it but nothing I did helped. So i sold it.
    This was many years ago and likely everything is different now. But it IS a fairy inexpensive rifle.
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  9. Rex in OTZ

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    Years ago I had a NEF in .223 Rem and with a decent scope it was a wonderfull single shot well worth the money for a accurate single shot.

    Years later I ended up with a fair ammount of .22 Hornet ammo, so I bought a H&R handi rifle .22 Hornet with iron sights.
    It is not as accurate as I think it could be as compared to the scoped NEF .223 Id had years before.
    But it could be the particular loading Im using?
    Or if I were to mount a scope on it?
    It works great inside 100yds with lots more authority than a .22 Mag.
    There are parka squirrels here (pretty much a Arctic version of a prairie dog)
    The .22 hornet vaporizes them, for Fox itd do ok past 100 yds but I think a scope would be better suited for this round at distances over 100yds.
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  10. Greg_r

    Greg_r Well-Known Member

    I used to collect Handi Rifles. At one time I had every calibe/gauger produced in the standard/synthetic, pardner, and survivor series.I also had the (still do) Buffalo Classic in 45-70 and the Buffalo Classic Carbine in 45 Colt. I was branching out to the Ultra series when H&R 1871 ceased production of the Handi Rifle and prices started going through the roof!

    I would have to get to my stuff to refresh my memory and get the exact dates, but the original H&R went out of business in the 1980's. A few years later it was resurrected as New England Firearms or NEF. NEF was purchased by Marlin, and when Marlin was accuired by Remington/Freedom Group the name changed again to H&R 1871. H&R 1871 ceased production of the Handi Rifles and now the only H&R branded firearms are the NORINCO produced H&R Pardner Pumps. I have three of these. A 20 gauge synthetic, a wood stocked 12 gauge and the Pardner Pump Protector or P3.

    The 22 Hornet was one of my least accurate and also a pretty decent shooter. The chamber appeared to be SAAMI maximum. You could throw a cartridge and a week's worth of laundry in the chamber. It shot patterns, not groups. But when I handloaded for it using a Lee Loader, which neck sized only, groups tightened right up! It was a 1 1/4 moa rifle which is entirely adequate for the useful range of the cartridge and upwhat I used it for, a groundhog gun.

    The 44 magnum carbine is larger bored than the pistols. Check SAAMI, they have different specs for the 44 magnum pistol and the 44 magnum rifle! My 44 magnum Handi Rifle shot very well if you fed it the bullet it liked, which was a .432 grain hard cast. I used IMR 4227 powder.

    My Buffalo Classic shoots the Lee 459-405-HB well, but my favorite is the Lee .459-500-3R. I push either of these bullets out the barrel with Accurate 5744 powder. It is a MOA rifle with either bullet. I have shot this rifle to 1000 yards on a few occasions.

    The Buffalo Classic Carbine is one of my all time favorite rifles. I like the Speer 260 grain bullet in this one pushed out the barrel with IMR 4227. It is a Ruger Only load which the H&R can easily handle.

    My other all time favorite is the AAC branded Handi Rifle in 300 Blackout. I also kept my Handi Rifles chambered in .223 Rem, 280 Rem, 30-30:WCF, and 45/70 GOVT. I kept the Sidekick 50 cal muzzle loader, the Sportster in 22 Magnum, Versa Pack in 22 long rifle/410, and the Survivor in 45LC/410.

    My prized H&R is the 1873 Springfield Calvary Carbine. Gotta love the trapdoor!
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  11. JTJ

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    The fore end attachment is a hindrance to accuracy. I have had a few H&R Handirifles and still have 2. 22 Mag and 357 magnum. Depends on wether you have a plastic or wooden stock. Some put an O ring on the fore end attachment bolt to isolate the fore end. I put a dense foam in the plastic fore end to give it even bedding.
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