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  1. blksilverado

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    I have s be optic 10x42 it's ok out to 100 yards but past that it's hard place on target and I'm tryin to reach out to 600 yards I don't have a ton of money to invest into glass any input would be helpful
  2. nitestalker

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    I can understand your need for a larger scope. But the facts are it is not all about a more powerful scope. The lowly 6X power John Malcolm scopes have "Sent" many fatal rounds down range for over 150 years. The art of long range shooting is more than magnification. :)

    This 6X Power Leatherwood Malcolm mounted on a Sharps Gemmer 45-110 will bang steel at 1,000 meters.:)

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  3. hardluk1

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    If a 10 power scope is only ok at 100 yards you may have quality problem or its just your skill level is lacking. My hunting rifle a 3-12 on a custom hunting rifle that's good for 12 at 400 yards with one brand of factory ammo BUT only if I do MY job. Budget and long range don't go together well ether.
  4. John_Deer

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    I have a cheap 4x fixed power scope on my 270. I have no problems making 300 yard shots with it. If you crank the magnification up to 10x at 100 yards you are opening a box of worms. I shot a crow just a couple days ago that was partially hidden by a pine top with a 3x9 scope. He was a little more than 150 yards away. I had the scope set on 5x. I am sure I can duplicate the shot.
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  5. SSGN_Doc

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    Quality of the scope will have more to do with ability to get hits at range than simply the magnification. Also the quality of the mounts, the rings, the rifle, the ammo, and of course, the shooter.

    What kind of rig are you running now? What ammo? How are you shooting?(standing, sitting, prone, from a bench). What is your accuracy goal. Paper plate sized groups at 600 yds, or are you going for a bench rest record at under an inch at 600yds?

    Current and older military scopes are often maxed out in power at 10x. Some competition scopes are in that power range while others get almost ridiculous at 24x.

    A bit more info may help is to help you out better.
  6. therewolf

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    Like 'ol What-his-name says "cheaply priced hookers and optics are

    usually a warning sign" . . .

    I have to agree you may be looking for a better quality 10X40, depending

    on your situation.

    Otherwise, you may want to be patient, and save your money, for awhile...
  7. jpattersonnh

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    Your really not explaining what the issue is. Explain the issue and if you can post a pic of the scope mounted on the rifle, it could help more.
  8. KG7IL

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    Good Glass is important (as SSGN_Doc clearly stated).

    You will have sharper images, minimize distortion, better light transmission, better mechanics, sharper reticules with a quality scope

    Your problems with poor quality are compounded if your magnification is increased. Aberrations, poor mechanical re-centering, limited sweet spot on eye-relief will all make you wish you had bought a simpler, but better scope.

    I have an old Leupold M8-2x fixed scope (only two power), but it is one of my nicest.. also have a Burris 2x that is VERY NICE.
    Both are long eye relief, so these aren't for your rifle most likely.

    But there are nice fixed power scopes out there.

    This is the time to stop by your Local Gun Store or Sportsman shop and give them the business.
    Compare, Decide and Buy.
  9. therewolf

    therewolf New Member

    For me, good glass translates to faster time on target.

    Which, IMHO, means you lose less game.