Need YOUR opinion on three guns.

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by getem2011, Mar 16, 2013.

  1. getem2011

    getem2011 New Member

    So I am always open to trying out new guns whether I am trading or buying. Recently I threw up my xdm on arms to see what trade options were out there. I was contacted by an individual who has a S&W Shield 9mm, LCP .380, and a Kahr PM9. What experience do you folks have with these? Good? Bad? The Kahr is appealing but I have been reading many negative reviews. If you could choose two of these gun to replace an xdm what would they be and why?
  2. Gatoragn

    Gatoragn Active Member

    I would keep the XDm. Buy one or all three of the others if you want.

  3. FullautoUSA

    FullautoUSA Welcoming Committee/ Resident Pellet Gunner Lifetime Supporter

    All good choices, I'm a big fan of Smith and Wesson, but they are all great.
  4. danf_fl

    danf_fl Retired Supporter

    I would shy away.
    I would rather have one XDm than 3 others I may never be offered trades for.
  5. hardluk1

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    The shield make s great iwb pistol. The LCP is a great running, bikeing, shorts or tighter pants pistol when nothing else is pratical. The pm9 kahr makes a fine pocket choice. Also haveing larger pistols that feel the same is a plus down the road. CW9/P9 for iwb tp9 for range/match??

    Guess its more about what you need. Buying the sheild and lcp for the price of the pm9 onless he's selling it very cheaply. Thats the two.
  6. BeyondTheBox

    BeyondTheBox New Member

    LCP sux, Shield is good gun, Kahr is good gun. Depends on what you like and look for. I like trigger consistency, same pull all the way through. This is why LCP sux to me. Just like it's big bro the LC9 it has the spongiest awkward and inconsistent trigger I've ever had the displeasure of using. I owned both of the Elsie bros, for reference.

    Dry fired the Kahr several different times at shop and liked it a lot, other than being way too long for me. S&W triggers are usually mediocre and their products even bottom end are of high quality.
  7. gr8oldguy

    gr8oldguy New Member

    I carried an LCP for over a year. Shot is at the range at least once a week. It never failed, not once. I hated it. Never liked it and finally traded it and never looked back.