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    Need help learning about rifles. I have pistols down but no rifle experience. Is there any website to teach about different rifle types, scopes/sighting (like all the terminology and how to use scopes efficiently) oh and what does MOA mean. When people say 3MOA or 4? And also ammo sizes and lethality. I just bought a M&P15-22 and have the flip up mbus sights but also want a scope/red dot for long range shooting and don't want it to be in the way of the mbus if those are up. What is the difference with scopes/red dots/reflex/acog. I am determined to make a badass looking rifle and have it shoot good and far also. But I don't want to put no 200.00 scope on a .22 rifle u know. Thanks.
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    MOA is a increment of measurement at 100yds I believe, more of a sniper thing. I prefer measuring the overall diameter of the group you have shot and subtracting the bullet diameter. A red dot scope is more of a combat style sight for getting on target fast, not as good as a conventional crosshair for target shooting and precision work. Im sure many here can put it much better then I.


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    Technically, MOA (minute of angle) is a measurement of an angle. It equals a width of ABOUT 1 inch at 100 yards. A Red dot that is "5 MOA" would have a dot that on a taget at 100 yards would cover a 5 inch circle. Or a shot group of 2 MOA at 100 yards would be about 2 inches wide.

    Now, Dirty Harry said "A man's gotta know his limitations.." There limitations to firearms. A .308 (in the right rifle) can shoot accurately at 900 yards. A .22 LR is running out of steam at over 100 yards, and beyond 150, drops like a bad habit.

    Rifles can also be sorted out by type of action (lever, pump, bolt, semi, etc) and purpose (benchrest, plinker, sporter, etc) You would not use a lightweight .22 for serious target shooting- and would not want to CARRY a 12 lb benchrest gun squirrel hunting.
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    There's a lot of really good information on this forum. Just use the search feature for key words. :)