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    Ok, so heres the deal... ive looked, and looked, and looked some more at a BUNCH of guns.. i just started hunting this year... and i love it.. Mainly hunting wild boars at a range of no more than 3oo-4oo yards... I have no more than 15oo dollars i can spend... what is some of the best rifles out there to look at getting... either Bolt action or semi-auto... but i know i Do want either a 27o or 308 calibur... ive looked at the Remington 7oo's, which i love... savage rifle in .308.... a browning 27o, which was ok... and an FNAR in .308... and i love them all, but 15oo is a lot of money to spend, and i wanna make sure i get something i will truly love... been researching all these, and just not sure.. any suggestions? Any other kind of rifles i should look at?
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    go to
    Centerfire Rifle - Model 700 SPS Tactical - Remington Centerfire Rifles
    This is a rem 700 sps tactical and i can get it for 600 at my local gun store. its not anything special as fare as looks bc it is tactical. Its a lot less than 1500 and is a tack driver or so my friend says. he has it with a nikon pro staff i think. all i know is that he uses it in a big *** field to shoot white tail and he can hit about anything out there.

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    You won`t need a high dollar tactical rifle to shoot 400 yrds. You will need a good scope and a good range finder, but then you should be able to get out behond 500 yrds. I`m personally a Savage fan but there is nothing worng with the new Remingtons I have seen lately. I would recomand a Leupold VX 3 in 3 1/2 x 10 with target knobs and work up a good drop chart. I have a Savage in 22-6mm that I have shot a 2 in. group at 600 yrds with, in a wind. If you glass bed the action it will help your accuracy if you feel you need better accuracy. If you need help with the hog let me know and I`ll try to get down and help you.