need Stevens 59A 'cocking piece'

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    S'far, for 15 years I've managed to repair 99% of the guns I'm brought, no matter the fault, BUT: then I get in this Stevens 59A .410 bolt, and some dolt has lost the cocking piece off the bolt. Numrich and Jack First and such don't have it - any help? I can machine one out if I had one to copy, but this gun is apparently so rare, I've never so much as seen one before. Help!
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    I know the time line is old on this post but I just noticed your inquiery about the bolt cocking piece for the Model 59a Savage. Keep in mind the 59a & 39a are identical in every way except the trigger guard. All other parts are the same. Try Bobs Gun Parts (About Gun Parts! ...Bob's Gun Parts. Top Page Commercial Super Site.) in arkansas. They have a lot of Savage parts. I didnt see any listed in the website but there was definitely not 1,000 parts on there either. Call him & check--A few years back I bought a bolt stop screw & there were lots of Savage parts listed then---worth a shot---Good luck. :cool:
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