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  1. swampcrawler

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    Ok, so after 26yrs. in Fla, I have moved back to my home state of Okla (6mos. ago actually) I have a Fla. CCW (Okla. reciprocity) but my Fla. CCW is "resident"--not sure if either Fla. or Okla. recognizes it now that I am a bonafied resident of Okla. I am x-leo, x-mil, past hunter safety instructer, all kinds of weapon certs--so a back ground is the last thing concerning me. WHERE DO I GO TO GET THE OFFICIAL WORD on what to do about my current CCW, and or comply with Okla. current laws. I have pulled triggers going on 55yrs--carry 24/7--don't need to run afowl of some local "Barney", and get hung up due to my own stupidity. Any help appreciated,thanks
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    I'm pretty sure you need to apply in OK for a CCW there. I would call the licensing dept. in OK to verify.

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    What is the address on the permit?

    Is it your legal address?

    If no, you do not have a current CCW license.

    You should know that, and as a retired LEO you should have, IIRC, the ability to carry.

    That's what I'd check into.
  4. c3shooter

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    What he said up there ^^^. You need a OK CCW now that you live there. There IS a provision for retired LEOs that is good is all 50 states (including Illinois, which does not HAVE CCW for all intents) However, it generally requires that you requalify to Dept Standards once a year. Worth checking on- with the OK licensing authority.