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    A couple weeks ago I saw a gun rag at a store and it had a pistol with a red dot scope attached. It was pretty low profile, and it still had use of the rear and front sight incase the red dot got damaged. I know some of you, especially Cane, advocate point shooting. Ive never tried, and dont know how, but Im interested. Does anyone know which magazine and what the vol. issue is. If its concealable how do you feel about it. Everyone says the the butt of the grip is the hardest to conceal, thats why there is the CBOB. But how much harder is a micro red dot to conceal. Plus you get to keep both eyes open and look at your target instead of putting to much emphasis on the front sight tip. In Iraq I had the ACOG, really good sight, but I didnt do CQB, I was in the villages. A SOC Ranger that I worked with could not talk highly enough of his aim points and other red dots while going house to house in Afgan and Iraq.
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    The problem would be finding a holster if you intend to try and carry it. I shot a Ruger Mk III with a red dot and it didn't work well at all for me. I shoot much better with plain old sights...


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    It may indeed help you in improving target sight accuracy, your speed may suffer a little. But as stated by Dave, your greatest challenge is going to be able to find a suitable holster for conceal carrying purposes, if that is indeed what you are intending to do.

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    sure you do. unless you have never thrown a football or a basket ball or a baseball or frisbee or never launched some projectile out of your hand at a target, you have done point shooting. dont let any of those fake guru's in the gun magazines fool you; just because you arent using the weapon sights doesnt mean you are not using some sort of point of reference subconciously to land the rounds on target. by the strict definition of the so called gurus point shooting is like luke skywalker closing his eyes and hitting the target everytime with proton torpedos...

    point shooting is a mysticism dreamed up by self important gun writers to make something people have done since the begining of human time to land arrows into animals for food seem like a magic act that can opnly be learned from buying their books or DVDs. its just practice over and over until you "know" where the rounds are going to land by instinct. its honing a skill to the point it takes no effort of concious thought to do a task.

    go look up some youtube vids about a guy named byron ferguson. he is a longbow guy that does exhibition shooting with a bow and arrow no sights and can nail moving targets with a un-sighted bow the size of aspirins as if they were skeet. point shooting as it is referred to is the same thing just using guns.

    basically point shooting is a skill that is learned the same way a person learns to throw a baseball and hit the catchers mitt.
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    From Cooper’s book, Fighting Handguns published in 1958.
    Let’s hear about point shooting in Cooper's own words....
    ....."It's an axiom that hitting your target is your main concern, and the best way to hit is to use your sights, but circumstances do arise in which the need for speed is so great, and the range so short, that you must hit by pointing alone, without seeing your gun at all.
    ...Pointer fire is not as hard to learn as sighting, once you realize it's range limitations. using the 1911 auto-pistol I have found that I can teach the average infantryman to stay on a silhouette at 10 yards--using pointer fire in two-shot bursts--more easily that I can get him into that 25 yard bullseye using slow fire and sights.
    Of course this sort of shooting is strictly a way of obtaining body hits at essentially indoor ranges (30 feet and under)…
    ...But up close pointer fire can be murderously effective, and its mastery is often the difference between life and death." (pg 97-98)
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    I gotta get out to the country so I can practice some of this stuff. No range in my neck of suburbia even allows drawing.
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    Mine neither. But my living room allows drawing and snap cap shooting.
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    Well, yeah, but I can't really tell if I'm on target.
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    There is a company out of Israel that can fix that for you.

    Rovatec's Bullite System

    Just a thought....

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    So, anyone know the article or magazine im refering to? Ive been to every grocery store/ retail store with a magizine rack within 20 miles, I cant find it anymore. Shoulda bought when I had he chance.
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    I hate to say this, but you should come to CA, my range allows drawing:p:p