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    Hey everybody, I just bought my first ar and have a few questions, any help at all would be really great.

    First off its a dpms oracle 5.56 with a 16" barrel. Its A3 style so it has the flat top upper with a low profile railed gas block.

    Question number one: what's your honest opinion of dpms. I have heard a lot of bad things about them on online forums but it
    seems like the guys trashing the brand have never owned or handled one and the great comments are from actual dpms owners so what do you think.

    Question number two: what are my options as far as backup flip up sights. What flip up front sight would work with the low profile gas block or could I get a freefloat rail to fit over the gas block?

    Question number three: I believe this rifle has a commercial buffer tube. Should I upgrade this to a milspec tube? And if I should do I have to replace the spring and the buffer itself?

    Question four: I have seen the word "milspec" to describe alot of ar's. Would my rifle be considered milspec and if not then why?

    Thanks everyone in advance for any and all help
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    Well as you read through threads here I'm afraid you'll see a fair share of negatives concerning DPMS. Some people have good luck but quite a few don't. To offer a low price DPMS cuts corners, for example the non-milspec receiver extension that you mentioned in #3 which costs a few bucks more than the commercial version (btw, you don't have to replace it but you do have to be aware you have it if replacing the stock - as far as the buffer and spring, wait on that and shoot the rifle with various ammo to see if it works ok).

    It is not milspec since it's not built to military specifications. But it may work ok for average use however you may have to tweak a few things. I'd say get out there and shoot it before making changes. Find out what you really want after getting at least a few hundred rounds down range. Also expensive upgrades on an inexpensive AR may not be to your advantage. If you decide to sell it and buy something better later you won't get back a dime of the money invested in upgrades.