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    Hard to believe ..but need help on how do we get the word out. WA State has two bills on the table - up for vote this fall...I591 and I594..two very different gun bills.

    I591 leaves WA gun laws AS IS - its whole purpose
    I594 craps on our rights
    It extends background checks to ALL SALES and TRANSFERS through an no more private sales. If you want to sell a gun, you must deliver it to a dealer, they check it in as inventory, do the background check on the buyer and complete the transaction. For a fee of course. 10 day extended check.

    Anyway, how do we get the word out...seems the local poll shows I594 ahead by a pretty good margin ? Thoughts ?
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    I wonder how many people will vote for both :rolleyes:

    No offense and none taken

  3. Axxe55

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    call or email your local and state politicians and voice your concerns, and let them know where you and other responsible gun owners stand.

    find local and state gun forums and get the message out to other gun owners about these bills.

    join a local or state gun rights group in your state. call or email them on your concerns abut these bills. let them know where you stand.

    talk to other gun owners in your area about these bills. get them to do the same. to call or email their local and state politicians.

    the more people who are made aware of these bills the better. the more people contacting their local and state politicians, and voicing their concerns the better.
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    i am pretty sure most here have determined that you are all bark and no bite by now!:p
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    Remind me to throw this in for Thursday...which is being devoted to Anti Gun laws current and past,...

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    Actions - Thnaks

    Its been an uphill battle. The Senators send me form letters back. The Congresswoman at least backs a point....

    When I talk to gun owners, they seem shy, lazy, like I am asking them to sign off on machine gun carry...Too many sheep.

    I have already lost a few friends on facebook who may have been neutral but all it took was a few pro-gun (tame) posts and poof...I am a gun nut....sheesh. My own sister "What's with the gun crap"...

    It is also an uphill battle in the media...I have said this before...the anti's throw up pictures and news of shootings...what do we throw out there ? Look, I didn't shoot anyone today...LOL

    There needs to be a solid media campaign demonstrating just how important guns rights are, more attention to self-defense situations that saved the day...

    But I will keep plugging...

    Oh and Doc...don't forget to add it to the Podcast.... :D
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    Sorry to say this, my friend, but I fear that Washington and Oregon, like Colorado, have already been completely "KALIFORNICATED."

    .They would rather be dopers than gun owners