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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by beastmode986, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. beastmode986

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    Ok so i hope you all know that im 14, Im going to a brantley gilbert and toby keith concert and my dads taking me and i know a girl that wants to come with. Heres my problem we didnt talk in school but over the summer we started talking, i dont know her that well but she wants to go with. Because i dont know her that well im not sure how this will go but i hope all goes well does anyone have any tips they can give me to make sure this goes smooth?
  2. Rick1967

    Rick1967 Well-Known Member

    Be a gentleman. For anything more than that, get a girls advice. We men will never fully understand.

  3. Rick1967

    Rick1967 Well-Known Member

    By the way, all of the wild and crazy stuff that your friends claim they have done with girls...they are lying. You will find out when you are old.
  4. canebrake

    canebrake New Member

    You could start by not calling her a girl. :eek:
  5. beastmode986

    beastmode986 New Member

    Thanks for the quick replies, Rick i already know what you mean. (about friends)
  6. tjacobson

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    Be yourself. Don't act like your the rock star... Treat her like she is the most important thing in your life (besides your mom). Believe me buddy, it's ok to be a tough guy but when you have a lady with you, it's your responsibility to be a regular down to earth guy. Open the doors for her, pay for the soda's, make sure she is taken care of before you. The tough guy can come out when someone disrespects her...
  7. CourtJester

    CourtJester Well-Known Member

    I would advise to not end a sentence with the word "with".
  8. Flat Tire

    Flat Tire New Member

    This is a never ending battle for the male population. You have to learn to listen to what a female says. It doesn't matter what she says..... you have to learn to listen. At some point it will be the most important thing to her.... that you heard what she said. 99 % of all males will not listen........ you could be that 1 %
  9. Mosin

    Mosin Well-Known Member

    Just remember that no matter what you think of this girl now, one day you're going to look back and laugh. The point being, don't put her on a pedestal in your mind. She's NOT what you're making her out to be in your mind. Be a gentleman, but by the time you're 30, you'll probably have a hard time even remembering what this one looked like. Also, avoid all stupid advice about 'what women want, what women like'. Women are just like us, they're individuals with their own likes, desires, morals, etc. you'll only find what she likes by talking to her, getting to know her. The main thing,.... Dude, you're only 14, as long as you don't get killed or go to jail, nothing you do is going to mean squat 10 years from now.
  10. NC1760

    NC1760 New Member

    All good advice given here. Have a sense of humor.... never underestimate the power of making her laugh. Be a gentleman in your manners and be a friend to her first... the rest will happen if it happens. I married my best friend and next month we'll be going on 19 years as man & wife. She drives me absolutely crazy sometimes, but there is no one else I would rather have doing that to me.

    Be cool and remember you both have all the time in the world. :)
  11. tri70

    tri70 New Member

    Take her with you and show her what gentleman you can be, she will remember it forever!
  12. kycol

    kycol New Member

    Just be yourself, it will ether work out or it won't. But if your not yourself she will see right thru you.

    Later you will learn when men marry a woman they hope she will never change. Women think they can change them.
  13. Dillinger

    Dillinger New Member

    I don't know bro. I tried the gentlemen route when I was young and it never went perfect. There was always something that could have been better.

    I agree with the above advice that this girl will not be the one true love of your life and when you are 30, you are going to look back on this concert as a time when "X" went right and about a dozen things went wrong. LOL ;)

    You said you have been talking. Have you been putting on a front or have you just been yourself?

    If you have been putting on a front, you are NEVER going to be as cool in real life as you pretend on line or on the phone. :eek:

    If you have been yourself, then don't change! If you don't like a song, or a drink, or garlic fries, then say so. Don't pretend to be someone you aren't.

    Don't sell out who you really are, because while this girl seems like the most important thing right now, NONE of us here are with the girl we thought was perfect at 14 or even 18. ;)

    If she wants to go to this concert with you, there is a chance she wants to go t be with you. There is also a chance she wants bragging rights at going to the concert to her friends. Never underestimate how petty high school kids of both genders can be.

    I guess the best advice I can offer is don't assign any hopes or "what ifs" to the concert and go with the intent to see artists that you like, for reasons you want.

    Then if anything positive happens, it's a bonus. If nothing positive happens, you still got to see a really great concert. Right?

    Good luck and just be cool.

  14. ShagNasty1001

    ShagNasty1001 New Member

    What everyone has said is spot on. And let me tell ya, the Brantley Gilbert concert will awe her and she won't forget that night. I saw him when he was in Oklahoma with Eric church and the girl I took is still talking about the entire night. Go for gold bud! Be yourself and you're golden
  15. trip286

    trip286 New Member

    Mark Twain once said, to paraphrase because I don't remember his exact wording, "always tell the truth. It's easier to remember"

    It goes the same with personality. Just like everyone else is saying, be yourself. DON'T try to impress her, just be yourself, be a gentleman (that doesn't compromise your personality), and if she's impressed, she'll let you know.

    If she's not impressed, you don't need her. If your a douche (for the record, I don't think you are, I think your on the right track to becoming a very respectable man) then she doesn't need you.
  16. MrWray

    MrWray New Member

    Hope for the best, expect the worst

    That way if the night goes as you hope and everything works out,you will feel great and you can plan on future outtings.

    And if it doesnt work out or go as you hoped,then you wont be as let down. When you go into something full speed and full of expectations,thats when your heart gets broken and that is NEVER fun. Like whats already been said, just be yourself and everything will fall into place whether its meant to be or not. Like i said though, dont go into this expecting to much, then that way if the night turns out to be great, you will feel like your on top of the world :)

    Good luck buddy, have fun either way
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  17. The_Kid

    The_Kid New Member

    Off the top of my head...
    Don't suggest perfume advice.
    Don't offer "diet" coke.
    I'll be back if I think of more. :p
  18. partdeux

    partdeux Well-Known Member

    Enjoy the concert
  19. boatme98

    boatme98 New Member

    Good advice from all. At your age, everything is LOVE. Just relax, be a gentleman, and have a good time. If after the show you've left on good terms, give it about 2 days and call her. Invite her somewhere for a day date and lunch. A monster truck show is probably out, unless your hangin' with Gretchen Wilson. Find something in your area you think she would like.
    And remember, when on a date, always let her talk. There are reasons for this. You'll figure them out in a few years.

    And now, I await the pummeling from the female members for daring to speak the truth. :D