need some advice on 30-06...

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    yes i was just wondering if anyone out there has reloaded some 30-06 using 180gr & 155gr cast bullets with pistol the lyman 47th(old) reloading handbook says i can use herco 13.0grs.min or 16.0grs.max in 30-06...i have loaded these rounds and they are so quiet.(no crimp).my gamo pellet rifle is im just wondering if i should use some kind of fillers with these loads?...cotton? or what ever?.....i know it might help for a more consistent burn...but i have chrono'd these rounds and they are right on the mark.1782fps give & take just wanting something to play around with & the herco powder 12lbs of it should keep me busy for a while...thanks
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    Fillers are mostly useful with light charges of slower burning powders. Seems it takes too much filler to do any good with pistol/shotgun powders to make it practical.

    Just point the muzzle straight UP before each shot to position the powder in the same place each time and you will be good to go.

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    I really hate it when people who know nothing about what is being talked about answer questions giving out STUPID information.

    For a filler all the guys I know use cream of wheat (UNCOOKED). Fill to just passed the base of the bullet to hold it all in place.
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    I prefer Dacron. Pillow stuffing is cheap and readily available. I used to load cast bullets with pistol powder and filler, but it is very easy to double or triple charge w/o realizing it. The end result can be a blown up gun (ask me how I know this). I load .30-06 with a reduced load of W-748 and a Dacron filler. 150gr RNGC hard cast bullet at about 2100 fps. Not quiet but inexpensive.
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    I know you said you have a bunch of Herco, but I have had awesome performance out of Accurate 5744. I use 20 grains and a 120 grain round nose gas check bullet and get 1" groups at 50 yds out of my 98 Mauser .30-06 with no recoil. I can shoot about 100 rounds for $10. No filler is needed with 5744 as it is postion insensitive and easily ignited.