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    I am trying to get info on the new .17 rem and .17 rem fire ball. cant seem to get anymore than ppl who want to yell and scream about ther opinion, I am looking for hard evedance or at leat and objective outlook on thies two simalior cal. im not looking for a discuation at this time just facts. any info is appreshated, Thanks
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    The 17 remington is the fastest 17 rounds as it is the largest one of the bunch. The 17 fireball is just that a 221 rem fireball (Great round unto itselfin the Rem 600 or the XP-100 pistol). They took the 221 and necked it down with little else done to it other than that.

    The 17 fireball will foul the barrel less than the speedy 17 rem. They are great varmint cartridges for anything under 350 yards. 350 yards is really pushing the limit of the tiny 25gr 177 cal pill. But with the right bullet I have seen the 17 fireball enter a groud hog at 200 yards and dang near liquify the entrails without exiting. This is a big plus for gound hog hunters here in VA as this reduces the chance of the bullet exiting and causing damage to items you wish not to damage.