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    Hi everyone. I am 18 yrs of age, and I live in Michigan. I read that if you purchase a firearm over the internet it has to be sentt to a ffl dealer! What if I was to purchase the gun froma classifieds and gun auction site??? Could I have it sent directly to me??? If so whats the process???
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    Welcome to the forum. I believe the laws for each state are different. What I have to go through here in Calif. may not apply to you. I've gotten good info about my state from the California information website. You may find Michigan has a gov. website also. I also have gotten good info from the guys at the local shooting range and gun shops.
    Good luck, and let us know what you get.

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    If you purchase a long gun from an instate auction you "May" be able to have it shipped directly to you. Check your State laws for specifics. Handguns and any firearm shipped across state lines must go through a licensed dealer.

    If anyone offers to ship direct to you in any other circumstances is either a scammer, a Fed setting you up or someone too stupid to be trusted.
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    A firearm (other than pre-1899 or muzzleloader) that gets shipped across a state line MUST be transferred thru a FFL. No matter where you bought it. If you are 18, you are old enough to have a rifle or shotgun shipped to a dealer, and have him handle the paperwork. Handguns are 21.
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    I went on-line and found a list of about 35 FFL holders in my town of 80,000. The problem is I couldn't find anyone who could vouch for anyone of them. Most sporting good store that handle firearms will have guns transfered in for $25 to $35. The sporting goods store can also do the appropriate long gun background check for you.
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    Those are good questions.
    I'm 53, and along with being sort of new to buying/learning about guns, my first gun show was last August.

    Have seen everything at Memphis gun shows from nice civilian-styled rifles to Minis, Saigas, regular AKs to Mausers (but might not be authentic German), Mosin Nagants to ARs, nice Russian SKS ($425), M-1 Garands, GI-vintage Carbines (Not built by Auto-O.) etc. Lots of handguns, some bayonets.
    Be very careful and do your homework on what you like-some of these guys are as deceptive and as full of crap or outright lies as one or two pawn shop staff owners I've spoken with. Many clean, rust-free ammo cans.
    But you will 'scalped' a bit if you accept many prices, not just with guns but on most ammo. They try to convince people that Obama will ban many things, and their propaganda has been quite effective/lucrative for them. Just reading the Internet indicates that this is accepted as gospel, without much skepticism.

    The advantage of gun shows is that in some states, records of the purchase seem to only be kept for a limited period.
    Read on THR last spring about an SKS on the buy/sell b. board, and after exchanging phone numbers via e-mail, agreed on a very good price.

    Met the guy in a McDonald's parking lot by I-40. These are always done with cash or maybe a money order/bank cashier's check.
    And no required records are kept-this is the main benefit to those who are convinced that our govt. will try to confiscate our guns, because it happened in Australia not too long ago.

    The "Real Crocodile Dundee" was killed :(in a shoot out with Australian police over this issue. His name can be located. He was a very valuable promoter of Australian tourism and his country's revenue increased by many millions of dollars. But he was targeted by their federal/local agents.

    Australia seems to keep this information confidential. The movie helped keep us from discovering the real truth.
    This is not really known over in the US.
    Anyway, such fear of confiscation here, along with the vast choices of available guns, have made transactions on gun site "For Sale/Trade" bulletin boards most attractive :).
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    Forget STATE law. If you are a DEALER, you must comply with FEDERAL law. Including the form 4473, which a dealer must retain for 20 yrs. Whether sold at a shop or a show.

    If you are not a dealer, do not have a FFL, etc, there ARE no records.