Need info on Rossi and SCCY gun reliability

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by flw, Jul 19, 2013.

  1. flw

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    Local gun store to me is having a end of month sale of conceal carry stuff. (Bullet Stop in Loves Pk. Il.)

    They have a large selection but not all are on sale.

    My question is what is the general reliability of Rossi revolvers?

    Also is same, what is the reliability of the brand new SCCY semiauto's?

    I understand that neither will have a long life but does need to be reliable during that life.

    I'm looking for a low cost reliable hot summer gun, not a target gun or competition gun. Just run enough rounds for the manual of arms/break in and be competent with it. Thank You.
  2. danf_fl

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    If you know that "neither will have a long life", then why waste the money on them?
    You would be better money ahead getting a S&W or Glock in the long run.

  3. gr8oldguy

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    I've had a Rossi .38 with a 4" barrel for years. It's still shooting straight and hard and not showing any signs of wear. good luck
  4. Sigsilent

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    Both should have a long service life. Rossi revolvers have a pretty good track record. SCCY is a fairly new company however the do come with a lifetime warranty and I have fired one. They feel fantastic in the hand. For concealment purposes go with the SCCY.
  5. jarhead0881

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    I have the SCCY CPX-2 2nd gen and have yet to have any failures. I've put about 500 rounds through it. It's not a range gun by any stretch but it is a great CCW pistol. Just small enough with 11 rounds. Its eaten every pill I've fed it. The customer service at SCCY is exceptional. I needed the newer flat mag baseplates and they had them to me within 3 days. Granted, I live about 45 mins away from their headquarters. For the money, the SCCY can't be beat. Especially for those of us on a budget. If you get your hands on it, let us know how she runs for you!
  6. qwiksdraw

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    This video ought to give you some good information on the SCCY:

  7. bluesman1952

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    As far as Rossi - I have put thousands of rounds through mine and never had one issue - It has a great life span. I just posted a question regarding SCCY - As far as I hear from the company, they have made some huge upgrades to the SCCY, once known as SKYY. The SCCY CPX generation 2 is lifetime warranty - How's that for a long life?