Need info on A smith and wesson ctg revolver

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  1. roachsquasher

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    I have Smith and Wesson CTG 4 inch barrel revolver. I am going to list all identifying marks on this gun. Please help me identify the model, year produced, and worth...thanks.

    On the side of the barrel is 38 Smith and Wesson Special CTG
    On top of the barrel is S&W Springfield Mass patented Feb 6, 06. Sept. 14, 09. Dec 29, 14
    On the bottom of the butt or grip is.....S 953384
    Inside frame with cylinder open is....X 3...32383
    On the back end of cylinder is.....S 953384
    I appreciate any help and info...Thank you.
  2. pioneer461

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    Have you tried calling Smith & Wesson? If anyone can give you what you need, I bet they can. I don't have their number, but Google does.

    There is also a Smith & Wesson forum;
    S-W Forum

  3. roachsquasher

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    Good news

    Update....I called Smith and Wesson directly. They told me this was a 1940's pre war model. This gun was made before they started putting model numbers on the guns. He said it would be worth alot to a collector. Any one know what the value could possibly be?
  4. NGIB

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    I would say the value would be somewhere between a buck and a million bucks. Seriously, how could anyone - even an expert - provide any useful information without detailed pictures?
  5. c3shooter

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    Sounds like you have a Military & Police Special- which later became the Model 10- but without pics, I am guessing. The value of any firearm is driven by condition. I have 2 identical top break revolvers- one worth $30, one worth $250. Condition. Get some pics on here.
  6. billdeserthills

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    You could always listen to about 1/2 of what C3Shooter said and go on the Smith&Wesson Forum. Look for Pre-Model 10 & Military & Police Specials (M&P) those guys at S&W Forums are the collectors, at least you'll get closer to the guys willing to pay top buck
  7. Moe M.

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    I have two of them, one is a 4" model that had a lanyard ring, but wasn't a military arm, the other is a 6" model.
    They are pre WW-2, both have some holster wear, one has a little surface pitting on the barrel, both are in excellent mechanical condition, they are pre-model 10 and very high quality guns.
    The bad news is that unless they are in mint unfired condition they aren't worth much money, but they are great shooters.
    Money wise they are a good investment for a shooter or home defense gun.
    A good .38 spec./.357 mag. new is just this side of a thousand bucks, with todays ammo there's not much that you can do with a .357mag. that you can't do with a .38spec.
    These old S&W's in average shape outside and good to excellent shape inside can be bought more often than not for under two hundred bucks.
    Most are strong, comfortable, accurate, and easy to shoot well.

    Unless it's a new in the box excellent condition, clean it up, oil it, and shoot the hell out of it, enjoy.
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