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    I Have a old double barrell shotgun that I cannot find any information on. It is European made Double with hammers. Maker of the shotgun is M.G. Stahl. On each barrell there is a Big G symbol surrounding the word ECO. It is a 16ga with a small word nitro ingraved on the barrell. There are several proof markings, looks to be a crown over a W and a crown over a U, plus severl more. Also, there are two sling attachments that are installed on the gun. I know this is limited information, but that is all I have. P.S. all serial numbers match. If anyone could give more information at to where it was made and possible value. Thanks
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    Google is your friend.... :)

    Not trying to be a smart butt and I am certain C3 will be along to provide an answer for you but you would be amazed at what you can find out searching using google, bing, etc...

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    That was a quick Google Search.
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    GECO- was a firearms retailer in Berlin. Gustave Genshow & Company.

    Just as many companies made guns for Sears, several makers made guns for GECO. Most commonly, J P Sauer und Sons. But there were others (Simpson is one). Some were made in Germany, some in Belgium.

    Value? Sorry, bro- value of ANY gun is based on exact make, model, and condition. You really need a hands on appraisal from someone that knows Euro shotguns.

    Marking on the water table and barrels tell a lot about these guns. PLEASE do not shoot ANYTHING in your gun until a smith checks the chamber length. Length of older Euro shells was shorter than current standard. Just because it fits into the chamber does NOT mean safe to shoot.

    In the meantime-