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    My uncle is getting his roof done he is a retired army col he had to move stuff from his attic and he found alot of reloading stuff. He gave me alot of 9mm brass and bullet heads they are 124 grin 9mm speer my question is do i have to lube them. I have reloaded 38special and 40s/w in lead and never had to lube the bullet heads just wondering if i should or shouldnt. Uncle also gave me like 2000 rds of 22 lr that were in his stash. Blazer cci lead. I love shooting 22. also there is a speer reladong manuel that says to use 3.5 grn of bullseye. but their website says 4.4
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    Are the 9mm bullets plain lead? If so they are SOFT swaged lead and not worth a damn for most 9mm applications. They have a dry lube on them from the factory so you do not need to add any other lube.

    A tip for loading these bullets; Load as slow as you can and still get the gun to function. Load as long as you can and still fit in the magazine. Lead bullets in 9mm seem to respond well to grabbing rifling as soon as possible after leaving the case. 9mm gets up to speed pretty quickly. The method I have found is to load them very near max oal.

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