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  1. jcd390

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    I was originally planning on buying the Glock Model 19 in 9mm for my wife and I to have as a backup or travel gun. We currently use a Ruger GP100 .357. at home because she feels comfortable shooting a revolver. However, since ammo is flying off the shelf and I can only find .40 and 45 should I:

    A. Stick with my plan and buy the Glock 19 in 9mm even though I can not
    find ammo. My reasoning behind buying a 9mm is if SHTF i figure the
    9mm would be the most available since it is a NATO round. I am now
    starting to think that might not be the case since all I can find is 40 and
    B. Buy the Glock 22 in 40 since I can find the ammo pretty easily.
    C. Buy the Ruger SR1911 in 45 since the ammo is easily available as well.

    Thanks in advance for your input.
  2. JSStryker

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    How about option D: all of the above! :)

    Your thinking on 9mm is good but as you've noticed the 9mm ammo train seems to have left town at least temporarily but it will be back eventually.

    I own a GLOCK 22 and I like it a lot, I shoot better with it than I did with my Combat Commander (blasphemy I know!).

    As I said had a Combat Commander, it was a great pistol really loved it.
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  3. danf_fl

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    The more varied the firearm library is, the less you have to worry about what is available to shoot.
    I have .22, .380, .38, .357, 9mm, .38Super, 10mm, and .45

    But I also try to keep plenty of ammo.
  4. juststartin5272

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    Why not a Glock 21 in 45. I have read a lot of bad things about high pressure rounds and the quicker it will wear out your gun. So long term the 21 would be better. By high pressure rounds I mean .40 s&w, .357 Sig and the likes.
  5. locutus

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    9MM for sure.

    The ammo is distributed worldwide. This current shortage is temporary.

    There will be 9MM guns, parts, magazines and ammo when the .40 and .45 are only memories.
  6. juststartin5272

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    .45 will be around for longer than any of us. In the US. militaries recent thoughts of a new standard issue sidearm, part of the requirements are that it be .45 acp