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Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by shelbs687, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. shelbs687

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    Hey there, I just moved to a new house with a girlfriend of mine. We live in the middle of the woods, and I would feel a lot more comfortable with some sort of protection in the house. I grew up in a house of hunters, so I have been around guns my whole life. I'm look at getting my CPL. I would like to get a hand gun and am curious what gun might be right for me. What features should I look for when I'm buying a gun?
  2. hiwall

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    The best way is to try-before-you-buy. Go to a range that rents guns or shoot with friends to try theirs. Folks on here can only tell you what they like, you have to find one that you like. Why do you think there is so many choices? Everyone likes something different.

  3. jjfuller1

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    first i suggest going and getting a shotty for HD right away. so at least you have something...when looking for a pistol the process can sometimes be long and you wouldnt want to be defenseless while your have to figure out a few things to even start your search. is it going to be a carry and HD gun? or just fit one role? have you handled and shot pistols before? most of the time a carry gun might be smaller than one you would want to keep at home. not always but sometimes. i can really only say go to a gunstore. and ask to handle a ton of different pistols. semi auto, revolvers in variying .22 through 45. different brands.. try to narrow it down to what you feel more comfortable with...
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    I found the following site to be very useful for selecting a handgun both for myself, and for my wife:

    it's written with ladies in mind, but is 100% applicable to both genders on a fundamentals level. I found the articles on "fit" and storage locations to be invaluable.
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    Live in woods, so pretty secluded then? Sheet rock walls? No close neighbors?

    I hate revolvers, but this sounds, to me, like a perfect case for one, if in home protection is all you want it for. I'd say a 357mag or 38 special, then add an under the bed shotgun filled with buckshot and you're good to go. If you're like me, which personal protection is a secondary purpose, and shooting fun is your primary goal, then grab a nice semi-auto with high capacity magazine and use it for both!

    I like the Ruger SR9C!
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    Thank you thank you! It means a lot. Looks like I'm going to be spending a lot of time at the gun range. I got a lot of good suggestions, so I'll for sure try them out. :) I'm excited! Thanks again!
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    I have to agree, a Mossberg 500 or Remington 870, used, till you

    get the chance to find your favorite pistol.

    Then try the Beretta 92FS. Full-frame, accurate, 9mm, 15shot,

    Hey, Trinity from the Matrix wouldn't lead you astray, would she?-:eek:
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    My wife's pistol is a Kahr CW9 9mm---fits her hands well, not a lot of kick, small and handy. I liked her pistol so much I went and bought one for myself---keeping it as simple as I can.