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    I recently got a RRA CAR4. The gun did not come any sights. The hand guard has no rails on it. I would like to mount a front tower sight to the barell and a rear sight to the rail in the upper, but can't seem to find them. The gun does have a sling loop mounted to the barell tight to the hand guard.

    Any suggestions

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    If you could post a pic so i can see what config its in now i could give you some pointers, it sounds like maybe it has a fluted barrel maybe, because i cant see why a standerd one wouldnt come with a front sight tower, if it is a fluted barrel i would suggest a red dot rather then the pain in the --- it may be to find the hardware you want for that type of barrel. Or it may just be it was set up for a scope idk but pics would help.

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    If you want a barrel mounted front sight, you'll have to replace what I assume is your "low profile" block with either: a gas block with a sight built in, solid A2 style or folding, or a railed gas block and purchase a seperate front sight, fixed or folding.

    Either way, all are widely available.
    YHM, Yankee Hill Machine Co., Inc. – Makers of High Quality Firearms, Accessories & Sound Suppressors | Sights
    Midwest Industries: Upper Height Gas Block
    Midwest Industries: Flip Up Front Sight
    ...and so on...
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    It doesn't have the A2 style front sight? Is the rail the OE style plastic ones? Its weird that it doesn't have a railed HG and doesn't have the A2 style front sight block.

    According to the picture on RRAs sight it should have come with the front sight.


    If you're wanting to go w/ a railed hand guard look into the Troy TRX Extreme. Inexpensive and rugged. Then slap an MBUS on it.
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    Rock River Arms: Detachable / Flip Front Sights

    i ordered my RRA upper, FROM RRA, and had the "RRA Flip Front Sight Gas Block Assmbley" included on it. Fairly competetive (compared to other front, flip-sights) in price, plus it has a small picatinny rail underneath AND it is a gas block, AND 3 sling positions.

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    We certainly need more information before we can even begin to assist!
    I believe what you are saying is that it has a weaver style gas block on the front of the barrel. And not the standard front sight assembly. Some call it an A-Frame to make it simple for you.
    And the Flat Top Picatinny Rail on your upper receiver. If so there are good options regarding your sight question. But we need to know what you have. If nothing else go to the Rock River Website and give us the part number, name and where it is located on the site.