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  1. mason_chance

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    Hi I'm building an ar-15 and was wondering if it's bad to buy diff parts from diff places, would it effect the gun
  2. MisterMcCool

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    Parts are interchangeable.

  3. KG7IL

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    You may wish to choose a certain configuration and need to stay with parts consistent with that configuration.
    For example: A barrel with a delta ring configuration wont take your free floating handguard.
    Some gas blocks might be too tall for your free floating handguard. .

    But all in all, once you have a configuration planned, those parts consistent with the configuration are interchangeable.

    BUT.... (BUT!)... Gas tubes need to match your barrel / gas hole length. No problem few variations.
    But..... Buffer Tubes vary, weights vary, but if you are building a carbine, go with carbine components, etc.

    There is a lot of good help here on the forum. Choose your config, them let us know if you have questions on things.

    Don't let it bother you. We were all there at one time or another, and we will be there again, when we start another project.

    dit dah dit
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    AR15 is like Lego. :)
  5. APOC-Armory

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    Not at all as long as you buy quality parts
  6. Triumphman

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    Like all have said, you need to think, then start with a configuration and stay with components that work for that configuration. Carbine buffer tube w/carbine stocks, but either commercial or mil-spec will need to be considered, even though they're both carbine components.
    As to grips, you'll probably be changing out a few to find what you want or like as a style/comfort/usage(A2, Ergo, more vertical, A1, Hogue over-molded, and many others). Then there's all the colors for what is called furniture(grip, stock, handguard).

    One thing I've seen done that is a little different is going with barrels in either Carbine, Pistol length, or Mid-length w/corresponding gas tubes and putting on a "Rifle" buffer tube/buffer and spring w/corresponding A1 rifle stock.

    So, there are some odd changes you can use, you just need to remember what parts are needed to make that combination work properly.