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Discussion in 'Revolver Handguns' started by shawng, Apr 23, 2010.

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    I have an old revolver that was at one time my grandfathers, when he passed it was given to me. I am not really into older guns and have not been able to find much info about it, anything that anyone could tell me would be great. The gun is marked on the top of the barrel with Retolaza Arizmendi, Eibar Spain. It also states 38 long cartridge on the side of the barrel. I will try to get some pics up if possible. Just wondering what I have and if it is worth anything (to the point it should be insured as a collectable or anything) thanks for any help you may have.
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    Shawng, I can't tell you much about the revolver, but I think that there will be someone along shortly who can. In the mean time, how about going by the introductions thread and telling us a little bit about yourself?


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    Note of caution- there was a Spanish round called the .38 Largo- that is REAL close to the .38 Special in size- but was a Black Powder Cartridge- and those should NOT shoot modern Smokeless 38 Specials. Have a good pistolsmith check it before shooting ANYTHING in it. PS- Largo means LONG.