Need help with a P-08

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  1. Phillyboy81

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    Came across a very old Mauser P-08, 9mm Luger, And I found out my Grandfather after he came back from WWII bought it off a friend. He never got it registered to him. And it was told to me that it was never registered in anyone name before. Now knowing all of this, is there a way that I could get it registered in my name? What steps if any can I take to register this in my name?
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    Depends on what state you're in. I take it you're in PA?? Here in NY, you must surrender the gun to the authorities, and they have to run it, etc. My buddy has the same exact problem, with the same exact weapon.. He doesn't want to give it up to the authorities as it will probaly come up missing. His Luger has the matchinhg holster and a matching mag..

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    MOST states HAVE no "registration" of firearms. There is no Federal "registration", with the exeption of Class III weapons (full autos, short barreled shotguns,etc) The SALE of a weapon by a licensed dealer is recorded by the dealer in his records. You may want to to check with a local dealer in your state, and see what your state requirements are. Or, since I have a Collectors license, I'll be happy to help you out. Just package it up nice and padded, and ship to me by UPS Next day Air.....:rolleyes:
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    private sellers can currently trade/sell firearms without registering or re-registering them. No paperwork necessarily has to be filled out (though I suggest getting a bill of sale/receipt. This is how it works in TX, anyway...
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    Pa. has no registration, however the State Police keep a record of sales, and this has been controversial forever.

    A C&R license would theoretically allow you to add it to your own book.