need help with a hunting load datat for 308 win

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    ANAKINANAYA New Member

    i was wondering if anyone had some good reload data for 308 win for whitetail deer i have made two but would like some advise,

    1. winchester 150 grain soft point / 42.5 grains of imr-4895

    2. sierra 125 grain soft point spitzer / 45.5 grains of imr-4895

    do you all think that the 125 sierra will work on a white tail deer?

    Any help will be appriciated.
  2. JonM

    JonM Moderator

    i like the speer 165 grain grand slam with win 748 1 grain under max. works good out of my 700 xcr for deer over 100 yards. i likethat since its pretty close to my 168 grn bthp i use for target shooting most of the time. i dont have to change zero for deer. the differences ballistically tween the grand slam and bthp dont really show up till the bullet is waaaaay past any reasonable deer range.

    i like keeping as few powder types on hand as i can get away with to minimize the amount of changing out powders when i load. there are better powders for a bolt gun than 748 and imr 4198 that you use is one of em. but it works well enough for my purposes.