Need help with 9mm loads

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by dyrwolf, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. dyrwolf

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    I've been reloading for about a year. Doing 357, 38 special, 40 S&W, 380, and 9mm. For the most part all is going well, except for the 9mm. I am having the following problems.

    9mm loads are tending not to cycle. If I fill a clip with my 9mm reloads, the first one chambers fine, but subsequent rounds do not. The slide does not go completely forward. At first I thought it was because the 9mm was much more particular about the diameter of the rounds (than 357, 38, 40) but even if I check the rounds with a gauge, and they are fine, the slide still does not reliable more forward all the way.

    For the most part, these would have lead cast bullets I have made.

    I am shooting a 5903 S&W and a 9mm Colt Commander. Both have the issue. and both work fine with factory rounds.

    Any help appreciated. All my other rounds (in the 40 S&W) cycle fine. Getting frustrated.

    Thanks in advance
  2. slim325

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    It may be a feed ramp problem in your gun.Sometimes the lead bullets cause a lot of drag on feed ramp.Have you ever tried your rounds in another gun?check the bullet nose for damage

  3. TimKS

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    If the bullet drops into the chamber easily, I would try a little additional powder to see if it's not cycling the slide far enough back. It may need a bit more momentum to push the slide all the way forward. ...and as suggested before, lead bullets don't slide up the ramp as easily as a FMJ.
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    What is the load you are using?
    Does the gun run ok with factory ammo? Do your rounds pass the plunk test? (your gun might not like your OAL) How much travel is lacking? Your description makes me think it's less a feed issue & more of failure to go in to battery. (assuming I'm reading it correctly) I had an issue where my slide needed a push to go the remaining 1/8" to 1/4" to go fully into battery. This was in .45 acp w/ cast bullets. It was resolved by adding a Lee Factory Crimp Die to the process. NOTE: There are many who will say that you shouldn't need one (Lee FCD), if your doing it correctly. This might be true for those using jacketed or plated, but w/ cast, it helps a lot.
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  5. dyrwolf

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    Thanks for replies.

    I check all ammo with gauge.

    These are lead cast, and could be hanging up.

    Also might need a little more powder to get the slide back all the way. Rounds always go in fine when I release the slide from locked open position, with round in clip.
  6. noylj

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    Check all ammo in your barrel. An actual "plunk" test in your barrel is better, IMO, than any gage.
    Adjust COL using inert dummy cartridges until you find the COL that works in your pistol. The COL that works in your pistol may not be the same as in mine as it depends on:
    1) bullet geometry
    2) MAGAZINE lips and follower
    3) feed ramp angle and polish
    4) your barrel's chamber.
    You will find a range of COL for that particular bullet that will work in your gun. Otherwise, you have a gun or MAGAZINE problem.
    9x19 is not the easiest cartridge to reload. However, in all of mine (including original P08s, P35s, and P38s), even semi-wadcutters feed without problem (if I determine the proper COL for that bullet).
  7. robocop10mm

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    My guess is too light a load. What is the load you are using?
  8. anm2_man

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    Where did the brass come from (Range pickups, or new) ? If your using range pickups and the round isn't going into battery, I would suspect the GLOCK bulge (Unsupported chamber). Two ways to fix it 1) get a EGW undersize die or 2) a Lee Factory Crimp die. The FCD while crimping, will also size the cartridge further down than the standard sizing die.
  9. dyrwolf

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    Beautiful day out today. Tried increasing the load from 4.5-4.7 grains, to 4.9-5.0 grains, and 5 rounds cycled flawlessly in the 5903. This is a little over the recommended load, but bases of brass did not bulge. I will check the velocity of the bullets next.

    Thanks for all the comments.