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qhouser said:
Hello everyone! I recently purchased a Bushmaster online to use as my patrol rifle. I was originally going to run an eotech alone on it but later found out that it's policy to have iron sights on the gun at all times. Right now I have the magpul moe hand guards on and I need to figure out what I can do on the front sight and I have no clue! I want the magpul rear flip up sight, then my eotech and a flip up sight on the front. Can someone tell me how I can make this happen easily with what I have on it right now? The first photo is the before picture how I bought it
Have you looked into a flip up sight that can be mounted on the gas block? I think that is one option. Maybe someone can chime in and confirm

Here's a gas block with raised rail. All you would need is a sight to mount on it 05-075-04 gas block.htm
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