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    hi everyone, my name is Manny, i'm completely new to the gun scene, went shooting at the range for the first time like 2 days ago with my buddies Stag Arms AR and i totally fell in love with it, I am planning on purchasing one of my own, but i'm hoping to save as much money as possible seeing as my job kinda sux, lol, anyways, i'm considering building it because i love the ability to customize and the ability to save the money, i'm pretty handy and a quick learner so i'm not to concerned with the assembly part. i've been reading here on the forums for hours but am still confused as to exactly what i would need to buy, the only definite thing i want is the ability to use the .556 and .223 ammo, so please any and all info would be great, a detailed list would be fantastic if possible and greatly appreciated, also i'm in CA and i know their are restrictions so yea, please and thank you all so very much
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    Welcome Manny - Please stop by the Introduction section and let everyone get to know you.

    First thing I would suggest is look at the Stickied threads at the top of this section. There are threads for beginners, threads about terminology and threads about specific parts and how they go together.

    From there you will begin to get an idea of how many flavors are available for this magnificent platform and what kind of rifle you are looking to build.

    From there, then we can help you.


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    Definitely check the Stickies at the top of this section. That should get you started. If you have any specific questions as you go along. Feel free to ask. I would start with a stripped lower, lower parts kit and butt stock kit that includes a buffer tube, buffer spring, buffer assembly, castle nut, and collar.

    After you get those parts and put them together. You need to decide if you want to assemble the upper or buy one that is already put together. I chose to assemble mine piece by piece so that I understood the rifle better.

    The benefits of putting the whole thing together piece by piece are:

    1. You will choose what brand/quality parts you use.

    2. You may be able to save some $$$
    3. You will know your rifle inside and out.

    The downside of doing so:

    1. You will most likely catch a bad case of BRD (black rifle disease):D
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    ok after reading both of the stickies and deciding what it is i feel would work best for me, both price and use wise i have come up with this selection of items, please give me your feedback and let me know if there is anything i am missing thank you... (i do realize that not all these items are in stock and the prices will vary but this is what i have setup)

    Spikes Tactical Zombie Stripped Lower Receiver $125.00

    Stag Arms Lower Receiver Parts Kit with Ambi Selector $82.00

    VLTOR MUR 1A Upper Receiver $190.00

    FN 16" MidLength Chrome Lined Barrel $190.00

    Stag Arms Tactical 6-Position Stock Assembly $80.00
  5. CHLChris

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    Wow! Your list includes building the upper from parts and is missing a bunch of little stuff. When you build the upper, it also takes a few more tools, which also cost money, and takes more skill, which maybe you don't quite have yet.

    Building a lower from parts is pretty easy (even a CA-compliant one), but buying a pre-built upper is the best idea.

    I would suggest you look for a Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport that is CA-ready. They are hard to find right now, but that is because they are value-priced to sell!!!

    The main benefit of building isn't actually saving money, it is being able to choose parts that match your needs and wants better. For me, building has cost me a LOT more because I keep choosing nicer parts!
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    I realized I made the mistake of not choosing a complete upper, noob mistake lol, I was considering purchasing a complete pre assembled AR but I'm not great on saving money so purchasing it separately would be my best choice so I could do it over a few paychecks, plus I like putting things together, so I'm gonna stick to everything except I will choose an actual complete upper assembled
  7. SSGN_Doc

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    If you are only building one rifle you probably won't save much because if the tools you may need. If you were going to build several then the cost if the tools pay for themselves over time.

    Torque wrench
    Action block
    Barrel block
    Roll pin punches
    And then the normal tools like Allen wrench, screw driver, hammer, are things most folks already have.
  8. mannysantoyo

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    For now I'm only going to build one but in the future I will most likely be building more and I have friends who would be interested in building as well