Need help on a bet: More Accurate Rifle

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    ANAKINANAYA New Member

    My friend says that his mossberg atl bolt action 308 cal is more accurate than a remington model 700 bolt action in 308 cal and another friend says that the savage 308 cal bolt action is more accurate can someone clear this up?
  2. amoroque

    amoroque New Member

    Personally I'd make a date with the range! :D

  3. stalkingbear

    stalkingbear Well-Known Member

    There's no way of knowing until they shoot side by side. Due to manufacturing tolerances every rifle is different. Also are they shooting the same factory load, different factory loads, or carefully worked up handloads? How old are the rifles? What scope are they wearing? Sounds like a fun day at the range to secure bragging rights.
  4. JonathanGlass

    JonathanGlass New Member

    only one way to find out for sure...
  5. Txhillbilly

    Txhillbilly Well-Known Member

    Get all 3 of the rifles,buy a box or two of ammo and take them to a range.Let each person fire all of the rifles and compare targets.
  6. freefall

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    Tell 'em to bring their checkbooks.
  7. JonathanGlass

    JonathanGlass New Member

    wait, what was the bet?
  8. Redarrow18

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    depends on the rifle id say, the atl isnt a high end gun, at least mine. id say depending on the model the Remington or the savage, but a gun can be bad if the shooter is a poor shot as well ;)
  9. spittinfire

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    Stalkingbear hit it. Take it to the range and see, there is no other way to tell.
  10. yazul42

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    I would say that in my experience, that the Remington is one of the most accurate production rifles made today. Years ago I would have said Model 70 Winchester, until the company went through all of the different owners. The new Savages do have a very nice trigger set up. Firearms companies are doing very well at making models at modest prices that are very serviceable for the average hunter. Most fellows I know only put a box or so of rounds through their hunting rifles per year, making the new, less expensive models a good choice for them. I'll stick with my custom Czech Mauser in 7mm Remington Mag. Not the most efficient cartridge, but the deer, hogs,elk, and bison, I have taken with it, did not seem to notice. Enjoy shopping and trying out several rifles if you are able, just lots of fun. Good shooting.

  11. michigan0626

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    With the limited rifle knowledge that I have, I heard people say that they have built some ultra accurate rifles from a Remington action. But, as far as stock production, Savage seems to be the most accurate out the box. At least the budget ones under a grand.
  12. 2hot2handle

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    Take it to the range and let the groups prove themselves. I've a guess it'll be more on who is the better shooter than which rifle is more accurate...but that's just my guess.
  13. Merc187

    Merc187 New Member

    Today, manufacturers have gone above and beyond to make their rifles the best. Each rifle performs differently however, it will be the shooter that matters. OUt of the box accuracy is great information when the compnay who built it shot it off a mechanical rest. All it proves is the rifle is capable of those groups. When you add in controlled heart rate, controlled breathing, trigger squeeze, optics, wind, temperature, humidity, etc... Those results go out the window.

    Case in point - I can shoot a 5 shot group at 200yrds and cover them with a nickel. This is at rest from a prone position. I practice often and I leave myself no room for error. Last year on a deer hunt in MO, I had taken a shot at a doe that was about 120yrds away. Quartering to I aimed at the muscle group along the neck just before the front, left shoulder. My bullet impacted 8 inches behind where I aimed, entering the doe's ribs about 4 inches from the spine. WTF Right?

    While I still brought down my deer I was upset about the placement of the shot. It was drizzeling, freezing, about a 10MPH wind, dusk, wet optics, and lets not forget this was day 6 of these conditions and the excitement of finally seeing worth taking was definately a factor. All of these things were out of my control and greatly effected my shot.

    Conclusion - No matter what rifle you shoot - Practice Often. Just because a manufacturer suggests .5 MOA out fo the box - Does not mean you are going to get that same result. It all comes down to the shooter.
  14. tuck2

    tuck2 New Member

    I would not bet aginst any one who knows how to glass bed an action, free float a barrel, adjust a trigger, reload ammo, lapp bolt locking luggs, and recrown a muzzle. Or shot in four position rifle competion. I would bet on the best rifleman not the rifle. Over the years I have seen some bad out of the box rifles that needed a tune up to get them to shoot acceptable groups. Good luck.
  15. davemccarthy707

    davemccarthy707 New Member

    Hunting and target shooting are 2 completely different situations as your story points out. It takes a certain moment of calm collective thought to take an animal cleanly. Some of the best shots I have ever seen taken were with an old .303 with open sights at 300 yards by my father in law.