Need help:Milwaukee Co. Sheriff election

Discussion in 'Wisconsin Gun Forum' started by usmc1978, Aug 12, 2014.

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    Michael Bloomberg, billionaire anti-gunner from NY, has pumped over $150,000 into the Milwaukee co. Sheriff election. DO NOT LET HIM BUY VOTES IN YOUR STATE! Please vote for your current pro-gun sheriff, David Clarke Jr.

    Please make your friends and family aware that Bloomberg thinks he can buy your votes.
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    It is my understanding that he has won the primary election for the Democratic Party candidate for Sheriff? Despite Bloombergs crooked attempt to elect the other liberal anti-gun Democrat and opposer! SO sounds good if a Republican candidate runs against him in the election you can bet he will not be a Bloomberg IDIOT! Not like the dirt ball! But Go Sheriff Clark! He would have my vote and I am an Independent who must register as a Republican in our primaries since I would not register as one of the O blinded party!
    The best Sheriff I ever worked for was a good old fashion traditional Democrat not a socialist progressive liberal Democrat as most are today!
    So my vote would be for Sheriff Clark! :D