Need help making my mags legal

Discussion in 'California Gun Forum' started by Brigadeir, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. Brigadeir

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    I hope this is the right place to list this.
    Moving to CA soon for job (may quit instead) and need to know how to LEGALLY limit my AR10 mags to the 10 round limit (currently 20 round).
    Can anyone point me to an actual statute that gives the accepted method of limiting a 'large capacity' magazine to acceptable limits? I need a document a can print and carry in case I run into company.

  2. Ez2b

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    Don't know exactly the legal way but I do know we can buy 20 mag magazines that only hold 10 and most of them will have like a pop rivet to stop the follower from going further down. so as long as you can not put more than 10 rounds in it it is legal. you can google California laws on magazines. explains quite a bit if your magazines were made before I believe 99 you can have them even if they hold 30 rounds. in regards to paperwork we do not carry paperwork. strongly suggest you going to the website though read it. it does explain it pretty good.