Need help identifying a S&W revolver

Discussion in 'Revolver Handguns' started by rbrad, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. rbrad

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    My mother recently gave me a S&W revolver she says is from her grandfather.
    The information I can gather from the gun itself is this:

    The side of the barrel reads "38 S.&W. Special CTG"
    There is a number on the frame next to the cylinder - "6601"

    Here are some pictures of the gun including a close-up of where the number is.

    I know it looks terrible, and the grip has been temporarily replaced while the original is restored. The metal will also be cleaned and re-finished.

    I was hoping this information could help identify the date of the gun and maybe the value.
  2. zombieresponder

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    Pics aren't showing up? I'll take a semi wild guess and say it's probably a .38 Military and Police, later known as the Model 10. Value will be higher as is than refinished, so stop whatever you're doing until you find out exactly what it is. The serial number will be located on the bottom of the grip frame.

  3. Jpyle

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    Open the cylinder and look down towards where the crane meets the frame. There may be a model number, e.g. 10-2 as well as a serial number. With that info you should be able to contact S&W and get the DOB and other info.